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The Business of Relationships

There comes a point in the life of a person or a business when the realization of the importance of relationships hits home. The goal of a business is to be profitable, but sometimes, profit happens naturally when we are doing the right thing. When a business is relationship-focused, it becomes less about the bottom line and more about creating a positive experience for the client – in our case, the insurance professional and the home or business owner.

Our line of work is not something that immediately inspires happiness. We go into situations where people’s lives are interrupted, where valued possessions and the homes that house them are damaged. People feel they their safety and comfort has been severely compromised. The redemptive piece of it all though is that we have the privilege to create something good out of a bad situation. Our guys can go in and take control, because that’s what they know how to do. They take action to get the water removed, start packing out the fire-damaged possessions, so we can move forward with getting someone’s life back to normal.

One of our core values is “Amazing Customer Service.” It’s something we really care about. We’re not dealing with empty wreckage to turn a profit; we’re dealing with people’s lives. It’s our goal to go above and beyond in keeping folks in the loop about what we are doing, and to provide a personal touch in our interactions.

Another one of our core values is “Build Authentic, Meaningful Relationships.” In a world full of text messages and emails, we try and work in some quality face-to-face time, or a nice old-fashioned phone call, to keep the human component intact. Listening to and understanding the needs of a customer, even when they are unspoken, are invaluable skills that we constantly work to develop.

It is our hope that we’ll be able to make our community a better place by honoring the people we work with and doing our work with integrity. We want to provide restoration one home restored, one relationship built at a time.