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Mold Remediation in Baton Rouge

Say goodbye to mold permanently with mold remediation services by ServiceMaster Restoration and Mitigation by Kennedy. Our team has the technology needed to eradicate even the worst mold infestation. We work with homeowners who are dealing with the aftermath of water damage as well as with individuals who have a mold issue derived from a slow leak, high humidity, or poor ventilation. If you are facing a serious mold problem, our mold remediation experts in Baton Rouge can help.

Do you suspect mold growth?

Here are some common indicators in the home:

  • Health Problems – allergy symptoms that worsen when you’re home and get better when you go out could be a strong sign of mold growth somewhere in the house.
  • Warping Walls – peeling, bubbling, or warping wood, paint, or wallpaper can occur and quickly worsen in the presence of unattended mold.
  • Water Damage – whether from leaks or sitting water, if left unresolved, water damage creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive in.
  • Rusting Pipes – an indicator of higher moisture levels, condensation can cause pipes to rust due to mold growth.

It’s a good idea to bring in a specialist who can test for mold presence and toxicity levels before determining the appropriate solution for your family’s comfort and safety.

For professional mold remediation in Baton Rouge, call (225) 396-4435 today!

Mold Remediation vs. Mold Removal – Which Do You Need?

When you hire mold removal service, you’re essentially cleaning the infestation temporarily. At ServiceMaster Restoration and Mitigation by Kennedy, we’ll focus on cleaning the source, but this does not guarantee that the harmful colonies have been brought to a natural level. On the other hand, mold remediation is centered around targeting hazardous growth and taking the steps to return mold levels to a safe amount for your home.

Are Mold Infestations Bad for Pets?

Like humans, pets can be negatively affected by mold exposure through inhalation and ingestion.

Breathing in the mold spores, your pet may exhibit signs of lethargy or respiratory issues.

Eating moldy food can lead to digestive problems – be on the watch for loss of appetite, stool changes, and vomiting.

It only takes a small amount of undetected mold growth to wreak havoc on your home and health. If you are uncertain, our expert technicians quickly respond to address the problem and help you bring your home environment back to normal.

Available 24/7 for emergencies, call ServiceMaster Restoration and Mitigation by Kennedy at (225) 396-4435 or reach out online for mold remediation in Baton Rouge.