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Hoarding Cleanup in Las Vegas, NV

Hoarding is a mental disorder that is often misunderstood, and it affects millions of Americans and their families. It is classified as a mental disorder because those affected hoard items due to issues with anxiety and depression; they allow clutter to build up and block walkways and even entire rooms. This then creates the potential for tripping/falling and fire hazards and allows mold and bacteria to develop.

If you know someone affected by hoarding, never force them to clean their home. Rather, speak with them in a compassionate manner, emphasizing your concern for their dangerous living situation. When they agree to the cleaning process, call ServiceMaster EMT for our professional help.

ServiceMaster EMT offers hoarding cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV, to help those individuals who are affected by hoarding. We will work directly with the person affected to clean and restore the home to a safe living environment. Our technicians will be respectful and compassionate while providing effective restoration and we will not rid of any items without the affected individual’s approval.

Dangers of Hoarding

Because of the clutter, hoarding behaviors can lead to dangerous living situations. Eventually, the hoarded items take up space in the hallways and stairwells, making it tough to get around the residence. Injuries are more likely due to tripping and falling hazards, and fires are more likely because of the buildup of items. In fact, if a fire does break out, it can spread quickly, using the clutter as fuel. Mold and bacteria growth can also create health problems for everyone in the home.

Albeit tempting, it is best to not begin cleaning the home of a hoarder. Speak with them in a respectful manner and let them know how dangerous their situation has become. Upon agreeing that cleaning is necessary, you can then proceed with cleanup.

Hoarding Cleanup Las Vegas, NV

At ServiceMaster EMT, we employ professional technicians who know how to appropriately work with individuals affected by hoarding and provide effective hoarding cleanup services. First, we will build trust with the person by developing a personal connection. We will then advise on decision-making, but ultimately, they are in charge of the cleaning process and item removal.

After the items are removed, our technicians proceed by cleaning, disinfecting, and restoring the home to safe conditions. This is done through the use of advanced cleaning products and methods. If mold and bacteria have grown, we can remove such hazardous materials. Our services are also conducted within the regulations and rules provided by the Department of Transportation, the EPA and OSHA.

The following are included within our hoarding cleaning services:

  • Clutter removal: Following approval, we will remove any unwanted items from the home.
  • Decontamination: Using advanced cleaning products and methods, we will clean and decontaminate the home in an effective manner.
  • Odor removal: With our advanced deodorization processes, we will remove lingering odors.
  • Disposal: Any unwanted items that were removed will either be donated, disposed of, or recycled.

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Hoarding behaviors can lead to an unsafe living environment, so don’t hesitate to reach out if a loved one is struggled with hoarding. When they agree to help, reach out to ServiceMaster EMT for professional hoarding cleaning services.

For hoarding cleaning services in the Las Vegas, NV area, call (702) 842-2262.

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