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Our History

ServiceMaster is the Complete Restoration vendor

In 1982, ServiceMaster Interior Care™ opened a branch office in San Marcos to handle the growing needs of San Diego’s North County. Within a short time the work level had grown to the extent that additional staff was needed along with a larger facility.

Growing the Franchise

The ServiceMaster Franchise reach grew well beyond the original territory and began operating county wide in 1985. In keeping with our desire to expand customer service opportunities, in 1995 we added a large loss commercial division, capable of traveling throughout the State of California. In 2004 we added the capacity to cover the continental United States and handle multi-million dollar catastrophe losses. We have assisted customers devastated by hurricanes and floods in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Iowa. Our past clients have included colleges/universities, churches, banks and hospitals.

Over the next decade, the ServiceMaster Franchise grew consistently to become one of the top disaster restoration companies in Southern California and since 1995 ServiceMaster EMT has been recognized as one of the top ServiceMaster franchises in North America among the more that 4500 that make up the ServiceMaster network across the US and Canada. That growth has allowed the ServiceMaster Franchise to expand to include offices in Tustin, Ontario, and Redlands along with the Escondido facility.

ServiceMaster EMT Gets New Owners

In June of 2015, multiple franchises were combined in a merger to form the current ServiceMaster Restoration by EMT business with ownership comprised of Mark Bower, Michael Demeter, Bob Roberts, Jeremiah Cox and Tray Elliott.

The managers and staff are continually attending classes and workshops to keep up with the latest advances in the restoration field and to maintain our position as one of ServiceMaster’s elite Quality Restoration Vendors (QRV) as well as CRT (Commercial Response Team).

ServiceMaster EMT Today

With the ability to provide mitigation services for water damage, fire damage, mold and large loss commercial losses, our name really says it all; ServiceMaster is the Emergency Management Team vendor.

The ServiceMaster Guarantee

We are dedicated to helping you

ServiceMaster EMT guarantees we will be available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are dedicated to helping you NOW. For all emergency services, including water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, commercial restoration and residential restoration, you can expect us to be there when you need it most.

Call Us at (951) 389-7626

The ServiceMaster Guarantee

ServiceMaster EMT is available in Southern California and all of Nevada (See Full Service Area) to respond with 24/7 disaster restoration services . The ServiceMaster Guarantee states that we will contact you within 1 hour (usually faster) of receiving your first call to schedule your appointment.

Our process includes all of the following:

  • Fire and/or water damage restoration services will begin within 2-4 hours of your first call (usually faster).
  • A written report will be provided to your within 24 hours after receiving your first call.
  • We will keep you updated throughout all phases of the restoration process and progress of each claim.
  • Our head technician will provide an estimate along with all documentation within the first five days of receiving the claim.
  • Our restoration team will demonstrate professionalism throughout all services, arriving on-time with ServiceMaster vans, trained, licensed, uniformed, and ready with professional products and equipment.
  • Professional services will be practiced at all times, delivering quality, effective work while keeping costs efficient for your peace of mind.

Contact Us

For more information regarding our restoration services, please contact us directly at (951) 389-7626.