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What’s Included in Post Construction Cleaning?

Home or business renovations and construction leave substantial physical messes in their wake. The project is only complete when the premise is fully cleaned, inspected, and ready to be occupied. A proper cleaning, though, requires the professional skill of post-construction cleanup.

About Post Construction Cleanup

Simply picking up the debris scattered throughout the area is only a minor part of what post-construction cleaners do. The cleaning experts also remove scuff marks on walls, wax floors, scrub windows and, upon inspection, leave the place safe and secure for the homeowner to inhabit.

Some general contractors perform the post-construction cleaning; but for a deep clean, homeowners are advised to consult experts who are experienced in this specialized niche. Property owners could shell out a hefty sum in order to give their remodeled space a professional clean.

The cost for a post-construction cleaning depends on the size of the space to be addressed. The scale of the clean is also a factor as are the property’s accessibility, location, and overall condition. In general, the average post-construction cleaning cost for residential homeowners is $550.

What do homeowners receive for $550? Building owners can expect the post-construction cleaning to take place in three distinct stages: rough interior clean, final interior clean, and exterior cleanup. The extent of the project will determine if only some of these services need to be performed.

Here’s what’s included in post construction cleanup services.

1. Rough Clean

A rough clean occurs onsite, just prior to the construction work being finished. Not all construction sites will require a rough clean, but most do, to some degree. Once the construction is complete, workers remove the trash, debris and any hazardous materials left onsite.

Before the new floors are installed, the cleaners might clean the plywood or concrete floors to ensure the final installation is spotless and secure. Scrubbing the walls, sweeping, dusting, washing interior windows, and preparing surfaces are also integral to the rough clean process.

2. Final Interior Clean

After the installation is complete, more thorough cleaning takes place. The final interior cleanup will vary, depending on the type of room to be cleaned. Kitchens and bathrooms featuring cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, and appliances will require a specialized approach.

The final interior clean involves cleaning walls and ceilings to remove dust, scuff marks, and smudges. The floors are buffed and waxed, and carpeting is vacuumed. The ducts and vents also undergo cleaning. Once the windows, including tracks and frames, are cleaned, all trash bags are removed.

3. Exterior Clean

If the construction work was primarily done inside, an exterior clean may be unnecessary. An exterior clean is usually required in the event of large renovations or new builds. This phase prepares the home for landscaping work and paving projects, which enhance the property’s curb appeal.

Nails and debris scattered around the home are removed. Exterior windows and doors are washed. Sweeping around the doors to remove dust particles also occurs. Workers might power wash the driveway and other paved surfaces. All exterior lights are dusted and trash is removed.

The post-construction cleanup company may also offer enhancements. When a property with existing wood floors undergoes renovation or construction, the floors are likely to become blemished. Certain cleanup companies will offer to wax and buff away the scratches and scuffs for a charge.

When new windows are installed in the property, stickers, fingerprints, and residues spoil their shine. A post-construction cleaning crew will clean up the windows and charge the homeowner separately. Each window may be cleaned for a price of $7 on average.

The time frame for post-construction cleaning depends on the size of the job. A remodel of just one or two rooms takes only a day to complete; cleaning larger renovations might extend to two or three days. It is important that homeowners schedule the clean-up immediately after construction ends.

Getting a Deep Clean from Professional Post Construction Cleanup

Hiring a professional post-construction cleanup company is one way to ensure a deep clean of the newly remodeled or constructed property. Attempting the cleanup as a DIY project will necessitate a dumpster rental to dispose of debris, high-powered vacuum, and cleaners to remove gunk from wood or glass.

A DIY cleanup might be appropriate for general home improvement projects. This is because post-construction cleanup companies may focus on working solely on new construction or additions. Homeowners can still find companies willing to work on smaller projects by calling around.

Whether a home or business owner chooses to go the DIY route or hire an expert, the post-construction cleanup is critical. Dust can enter the property’s ventilation system and adversely affect the health of the occupants. Stepping on minuscule shards of glass can lead to injury and infection.

Post Construction Cleanup from ServiceMaster EMT

Property owners deserve a smooth re-entry to their home or business. Post-construction cleaning by professionals is the safest and most reliable way to resume activities inside the recently constructed place. ServiceMaster EMT is one trusted post-construction cleaning company that can do the job right.

Crews from ServiceMaster EMT perform a range of cleaning practices for an ultimate, deep clean. We spot clean glass and walls, clean up paint overspray, mop floors, treat carpeting, and clean bathrooms and light fixtures. Our cleaning team is trained to abide by all local ordinances.

Cleaning specialists at ServiceMaster EMT treat each property with care. We are cautious about the cleaning chemicals we use, as some products may react poorly to certain surfaces or materials. Our crews perform a thorough job, resulting in countless satisfied customers.

ServiceMaster EMT will appoint a field supervisor to work with you throughout the process. Our services are flexible, allowing us the ability to work around various schedules. The field supervisor will keep you updated on all aspects of the post-construction cleanup process.

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When you are expecting to remodel or construct a new addition to your home or business, schedule a post-construction cleanup with ServiceMaster EMT in advance.

Our construction cleaning crews proudly serve homes and businesses in Nevada and Southern California. Give us a call at (949) 229-3699 an estimate.