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Fire Damage Restoration in Orange County, CA

Fire and smoke damage restoration near you

Fires are dangerous and overwhelming to have affect your home. The fire poses an immediate threat to anyone nearby and can cause a widespread amount of damage to the property. Even after the fire has been extinguished, the smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts that remain after the flames have been put out will continue to spread. Prompt response to fire disasters is crucial in trying to keep the damage from becoming permanent.

ServiceMaster Restoration by EMT - Orange Countyprovides professional fire damage restoration services to homes and businesses in Orange County, CA. When our technicians arrive to the property, we will work promptly to stabilize the damage to prevent possible structural collapse. Then we will use our pre-cleaning methods to prevent the smoke and soot damage from becoming permanent.

Damage Caused by Fires

A fire damaged kitchen in a home before fire damage restoration in Orange County, CA

The direct flames of a fire disaster can cause widespread damage to structural materials, furnishings and personal contents. The damage caused by the immediate flames is often permanent, but materials and contents that are mildly damaged must be treated quickly to prevent them from becoming ruined.

Once the flames have been put out, corrosive byproducts like smoke, soot, and oily residue are left behind by the fire and can continue to spread damage throughout the property. Corrosive byproducts are the result of synthetic materials burning.

Strong smoke odors are also left behind by fire disasters and must be treated with powerful deodorizers to effectively remove the odor from materials and furnishings.

For professional fire damage restoration services in the Orange County, CA area, contact us online, or at (949) 229-3699.

Fire Damage Restoration in Orange County, CA

When our IICRC-certified technicians at ServiceMaster EMT arrive to your property in Orange County, CA, in response to your fire emergency, we will assess the overall damage and stabilize the property structure. Through our pre-cleaning process, we will work swiftly to effectively prevent damage from smoke and soot from becoming permanent.

Our professional fire damage restoration services include:

We are fully prepared to address the damage caused by a fire disaster. We can also address any water damage caused from putting out the fire.

Responding to Fire Damage

If your home or property in Orange County, CA has been damaged by a fire disaster, contact ServiceMaster EMTfor our professional fire damage restoration services. While you wait for our prompt arrival, follow these tips to help limit the damage from spreading further:

Response to Fire Damage – What to DO:

  • If the weather permits, open all the doors and windows to help air out the property
  • Completely clean out the refrigerator
  • Throw away food containers and any food exposed to the fire and smoke
  • Wipe off chrome, porcelain, and aluminum materials to prevent further damage
  • Place a damp cloth over the return and supply vents to filter soot from the air
  • Gather smoke-damaged clothing to be cleaned by a dry-cleaner

Response to Fire Damage – What NOT to Do:

  • Do not clean any soot damage yourself
  • Do not use any electronics until a professional has inspected and confirmed they are safe
  • Do not attempt to clean carpeting or upholstery
  • Do not use any ceiling fixtures attached to a wet ceiling
  • Due to the oils on your skin, do not touch any surfaces damaged by soot to avoid the damage becoming permanent

ServiceMaster EMT can be reached 24/7 at(949) 229-3699 or online for our emergency fire damage restoration services in Orange County, CA.

Understanding Smoke Damage

Understanding the different types of smoke damage is crucial for effective restoration after a fire. Smoke damage can vary in severity and type, depending on the nature of the fire.

Common types of Smoke Damage:

  • Wet Smoke Damage: This type of smoke damage results from slow-burning, low-heat fires, typically characterized by smoldering and thick, sticky smoke. Wet smoke often produces challenging, smeary residues on surfaces, making it one of the more difficult types to clean and restore. The heavy, tar-like soot it leaves behind can cling to various materials, creating stubborn stains and requiring specialized cleaning methods.
  • Dry Smoke Damage: Dry smoke damage, on the other hand, is the result of fast-burning, high-temperature fires that consume materials rapidly. This smoke damage creates a fine, powdery soot that can spread widely throughout a property. While dry smoke damage is less likely to leave behind as much staining, its ability to penetrate porous materials can make it challenging to remove entirely.
  • Protein Smoke Damage: Commonly found in kitchen fires, protein smoke leaves an invisible yet pungent residue. This type of smoke damage can tarnish surfaces and create persistent odors that are difficult to eliminate. Cleaning and restoring property affected by protein smoke damage often requires specialized techniques and products.
  • Oil-Based Smoke Damage: Oil-based smoke damage is typically associated with fires involving oil or grease, such as cooking fires. It leaves a sticky, discoloring residue that can be particularly challenging to remove. The residues left by oil-based smoke can adhere to surfaces and may require thorough cleaning to prevent further damage.
  • Residual Smoke Damage: Even after visible smoke damage is removed, residual odors may persist within a property. Specialized deodorization methods, such as ozone treatment or thermal fogging, are necessary to neutralize and eliminate these lingering odors. Residual smoke damage can affect the indoor air quality and the overall habitability of the space.

If you've experienced a fire in your home, ServiceMaster Restoration by EMT - Orange County is here to help. Our experts can assess the extent of the damage and develop a customized plan to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Using the right expertise and equipment, we can effectively remove smoke residue, eliminate odors, and prevent further damage. You can trust us to provide top-notch restoration services and restore your property to its original state.

For more information about our smoke damage restoration services in Orange County, CA, call (949) 229-3699 or contact us online.