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Water Damage

  • RESIDENTIAL FLOODED BASEMENT & WATER REMOVAL CLEAN-UP Basements are the lowest point in a home and tend to flood first during any kind of water emergency. When the unexpected happens, we’re onsite within 2-4 hours to restore your home as quickly as possible. With rapid response, your floors, walls and personal property can ... Continue Reading
  • SERVICEMASTER WORKS OVERTIME TO HELP FLOOD RESTORATION IN MIDLAND, MI MIDLAND, Mich. — As flooding recovery efforts continued in Mid-Michigan, restoration companies descended upon Midland to help families salvage what was left of their homes. Midland-owned franchise ServiceMasters by Fuson was one company that has seen an overwhelming demand ... Continue Reading
  • SAVING YOUR BUSINESS’S ELECTRONICS AFTER A FLOOD If you’re like most business owners, your office electronics are the lifeblood of your company. In the event that a disaster strikes, all your records could be impaired and permanently lost, including invaluable company records, customer information, and even communication. ... Continue Reading
  • WHAT TO DO WHEN PIPES FREEZE AND PREVENTION STEPS When water freezes, it expands. When the water in your home’s pipes freeze, the expansion creates pressure, which can cause the pipes to crack and break. To learn how to prevent pipes from freezing, it’s best to start with determining which pipes are more likely to freeze. ... Continue Reading