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Water Damage Restoration in Amarillo

Helping You Get Back to Normal

Most of the time, water is a gift we are happy to receive. When it’s a refreshing drink on a warm day, or you’re sinking into a relaxing bath in the evening, there is nothing about water that disturbs us. But when it’s from a pipe burst or a basement flood, water becomes an threat. The effects of uncontrolled water flow and flooding can cause:

  • Cracks in the property foundation
  • Rusty and weak pipes
  • Roof leaks or collapse
  • Potentially toxic mold growth
  • Warped flooring

Time is of the essence when water gets into your home or business. The longer water sits, the more problems it creates. ServiceMaster Restoration by TA is here for you, with a team of professionals in Amarillo available 24/7 to start the restoration process. With rigorous training, years of experience, and proven techniques, we’ll guide you through this situation and bring your property back to pre-loss condition.

Types of Water Damage

Some of the impacts from water depend on the category and class it falls into:

  • Category 1 (Clean Water) – generally comes from an appliance malfunction or sink problem and is not harmful.
  • Category 2 (Gray Water) – has a contamination level that may cause illness, often from a sump pump or toilet.
  • Category 3 (Black Water) – contains bacteria that make it unsanitary, typically from a sewer backup.

There are also four classes that water damage fits into, which determine the level of restoration needs:

  • Class 1 – minor damages but not many materials require repair.
  • Class 2 – enough water to cause issues with carpets and upholstery.
  • Class 3 – a result of major water leakage that soaks walls, furniture, and other possessions.
  • Class 4 – the most severe class, requiring specialty mitigation procedures and repair.

Ways to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Here are several low-maintenance ways to prevent water from causing you problems:

  1. Maintain the seals around your shower(s) and bathtub(s).
  2. Inspect appliances and faucets at least yearly.
  3. Clean your gutters and downspouts consistently.
  4. Check your sprinklers and/or irrigation system for leaks.
  5. Store valuable belongings in waterproof containers.
  6. Shut off the washing machine water supply before leaving for vacation.
  7. Make sure water is draining away from the property.

Rapid water damage restoration in Amarillo is only a phone call away – reach out today!