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Homeless Encampment Services in Chico

Homeless Camp Cleanup Contractors Near You

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Chico, we offer a variety of services for homeless encampments, including biohazard removal, trash & waste removal,professional disinfection, and disposal of drug paraphernalia. Our team will arrive on time with the equipment & supplies necessary to get the job done right. With large containers, transport bins, and cutting-edge disinfectants, we have the tools and techniques to provide thorough cleanup services.

We specialize in delivering biohazard cleanup at homeless encampments. Our technicians are experienced and trained in biohazard remediation. We can take care of:

  • Needle Disposal
  • Biohazard Disposal
  • Human Waste & Blood Cleanup
  • Rodent Waste Cleanup
  • And Much More!

Trash Cleanup Services

Removing the trash and waste from the homeless camps is a significant task requiring industrial-grade resources and large-scale coordination. Whether you are dealing with a several-acre homeless encampment or a single camp behind a building or ravine, we are your go-to solution. Our team is ready to provide recurring cleaning services to ensure homeless encampments never become dangerously unsanitary or unmanageable.

We make every effort to respect the dignity of all individuals and parties affected by our services. Discarding an individual’s possessions is something we try to avoid at all costs. We make every effort to give notice by posting vacate notices and storing items of monetary or sentimental value for the owner to claim. Homeless individuals deserve the same compassion and respect as anyone. That is why we go above and beyond to provide comprehensive homeless encampment cleanup services that prioritize integrity, decency, and compassion.

Are you trying to book homeless encampment services? Call (530) 270-7690 or contact us online today!