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Electrical Fire Safety

Most homes have a variety of electrical appliances. Indoors, outdoors and heat-producing all need to be treated with care. According to the NFPA, “electrical failures or malfunctions were the second leading cause of U.S. home fires in 2012-2016.” Since electrical malfunctions account for such a high number of home fires, it’s important to implement electrical safety habits into your daily routine. Sometimes no matter the preparation, fire disasters happen. ServiceMaster South Shore is your local fire damage restoration expert in South Shore, Massachusetts, Cape and the Islands.

Electrical Fire Professional Restoration Services:

Our team of trained technicians use advanced equipment and technology during the electrical fire restoration process. You can expect us to perform an emergency pre-cleaning, materials cleaning, content pack out, surface cleaning and odor removal. We’ll walk you through every step of the way even working directly with your insurance company to streamline the restoration process.

Use the following tips to help you avoid disaster:

Cords & Outlets

  • Before plugging in an appliance, check cords for damage like frays.
  • Stop using the outlet if it becomes warm to the touch or discolored.
  • Plug heat-producing appliances like space heaters or toasters directly into a wall outlet.

Extension Cords

  • Secure extension cords with electrical tape to prevent accidents.
  • Only use extension cords for temporary use.
  • Power strips can be easily overloaded. Use power strips that have internal overload protection.


  • Holiday light strands are often used during the holiday season. Only buy lights that are accredited by a testing lab.
  • Don’t connect too many strands of lights together. If you do, overloading can easily occur.
  • If you use lights outside, make sure they’re made for outdoor use.


  • Trim tree branches away from power lines.
  • Keep electrical tools away from the elements.

ServiceMaster South Shore has served our local community for over 40 years. Our expert technicians provide fire, flood, smoke and trauma restoration with excellent customer service. We’re here for you in your time of need. If you experience an electrical fire, contact us at (781) 536-7375. The sooner you call, the more damage can be prevented.