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North Richland Fire Damage Restoration

Trusted Fire & Smoke Damage Repair Company Near You

We understand that experiencing fire damage and/or smoke damage is difficult. Rest assured ServiceMaster TEAM is the right company and has the qualified technicians to fully restore your property in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

At ServiceMaster TEAM, we have helped homeowners through the fire damage restoration process countless times. Our technicians are not only highly trained and experienced fire restoration professionals, but we also benefit from ServiceMaster Restore’s years of experience.

This experience across the nation has led us to advanced scientific methods, techniques, and products for restoring buildings and property. At ServiceMaster TEAM, we always bring the latest, most effective technology and products to our Dallas-Fort Worth area fire damage and smoke damage restoration customers. You deserve the best.

For professional fire damage repair services in North Richland, turn to our expert team!Contact us online or call(817) 790-9101.

What You Need to Know About Fire Damage

We suggest that you do not attempt any “do-it-yourself” cleaning methods without consulting your ServiceMaster Restoration Technician. For example, touching surfaces covered in soot could actually make the damage worse by permanently setting the soot. Fire and smoke damage are complex.

Please consider there are complex chemical reactions and hidden damage that are best restored with specific products, equipment, and expert methods. Returning your property back to pre-loss condition and helping families and individuals like you is what we do. Check out our tips to start the smoke and fire damage restoration process while you wait for the professionals.


Fires are devastating to any home, but not all fires are the same. Damage can be different depending on the type of fire. Each fire type will require a different kind of fire restoration solution.

Common types of fires that affect homes:

  • Protein Fire: If food from the oven or stove burns and causes a fire, it will leave strong, burned-food odors and smoke residue in your home.
  • Complex Fire: If a greasy, yellow residue is left behind after a fire, you have had a complex fire where natural and synthetic materials burned. Here, emergency corrosion mitigation is needed to protect at-risk surfaces.
  • Natural Fire: Natural fires occur when trees, shrubs, and bushes burn outside, but smoke penetrates the structure from the outside. Smoke residue and odor are present.
  • Appliance Malfunction: This type of fire occurs when an appliance, such as an oil-fired furnace, malfunction, which causes smoke to be distributed throughout the property.

We’re available 24/7 for emergency fire & smoke damage restoration. Call our team today at(817) 790-9101 orcontact us online.

Smoke & Soot Damage

Although a fire can be extinguished fairly quickly, the damage it leaves behind in your home often takes much longer to repair. Smoke and soot particles spread to every corner of your home, causing staining and discoloration on upholstery, walls, ceilings, and floors. These particles also linger in carpets, curtains, air ducts, and other fabrics which makes the problem even worse.

If soot and smoke from a fire event are left unattended, they can also significantly degrade your indoor air quality. These residues are not only unpleasant and unsightly, but they contain a mix of substances that can be hazardous to human health, including particulate matter and chemicals. Over time, these contaminants can permeate your property's structure and furnishings, leading to persistent odors and posing health risks such as respiratory issues and increased intensity and frequency of allergic reactions. It's crucial to seek professional fire damage restoration services promptly to ensure the health and safety of your indoor environment.

Over time these stains can start to eat away at materials, shortening their lifespan if left untreated. In order to get your home back to its original condition after a fire you must take care of both the visible and invisible damage. Our restoration professionals are trained to properly handle repairs for both structural damage and lingering smoke residue.


Your walls and roof are only the beginning of the damage caused during, or even after, a fire. Any item in your house is susceptible to some damage, even if it isn't close to the actual fire. Ash and smoke will continue to cause damage, odors from the smoke will stay in your home long after the fire, and discoloration of walls, appliances, and glass will occur.

It is our goal to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Depending on the source, nature, and size of the fire, the cleaning and restoration may require several phases before completion.

ServiceMaster Team has created personalized recovery guides for each loss, for you to understand specifically the processes and procedures for restoring your property. A technician will go over this recovery guide with you during the first day on-site.

Preventing Future Fire Damage

After experiencing a fire, it's important to take steps to prevent future damage and keep your home safe. Our team of experts can provide guidance on fire prevention measures and offer services to help safeguard your property.

Ways to prevent future fire damage include:

  • Installing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Regularly inspecting and maintaining electrical systems
  • Keeping flammable materials and chemicals stored safely
  • Creating a fire escape plan for your family
  • Investing in a fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it

By taking proactive measures, you can reduce the risk of experiencing another fire and protect your home and loved ones.

If your home has suffered from fire and smoke damage, our team is here to help! Reach out online or give us a call at(817) 790-9101.