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How to Prepare for Severe Storms

Prepare For Severe Weather With These Tips

Even though it’s spring, severe weather can still happen. Floods, tornadoes, and thunderstorms often make an appearance this time of year. Brush up on your emergency preparation knowledge in case you experience severe weather. Put your emergency plans in place as soon as possible to help reduce damage to your home in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

Alert System:

Sign up to receive emergency notices from your local alert system. It’s important to know when harsh storms are approaching and to be aware of status updates throughout the course of the storm. An alert system will also notify you of evacuation zones.

Weather Patterns:

Learn the type of severe weather that your area experiences. Hurricanes threaten sections of the US while other regions in the country experience floods more often.

Local Forecast:

Pay attention to your local weather forecast. When you learn about severe weather as soon as possible, you have more time to prepare.

Emergency Kit:

Create an emergency kit. Include a few days’ worth of water and food. In addition, pack a battery-operated radio with extra batteries.

Emergency Plan:

Meet with your family to create an emergency plan. Make sure every member of your household knows about the plan and is able to follow it. Take into consideration family members who may need access to medication or extra assistance.

Meeting Place:

In the event of severe weather, your home may not be accessible. During many natural disasters, communication becomes impossible or very difficult. Agree on a safe meeting place with the members of your family.

Emergency Drill:

Practice your emergency plan, escape routes, and navigating to your meeting place. The more you practice, the easier it’ll be during an actual emergency. Severe weather can happen at any time, so you may not be with your family members when your emergency plan needs to be in place.

Check on Loved Ones:

Communicate severe weather forecasts with those around you. Check-in on neighbors who may need more assistance in the event of a natural disaster.

Indoor Preparations:

Store your emergency kit in an easily accessible area. Gather important documents and place in airtight containers. Also, make digital copies of all documents you may need to access in an emergency. Don’t forget to take photos of your belongings for insurance purposes.

Outdoor Preparations:

Trim plants, put away outdoor furniture, and secure anything that could possibly cause damage during severe weather. Winds can reach high speeds, carrying items through your windows, roof, and doors.

Severe weather can happen at any time. The key to avoiding property damage is to prepare as soon as possible. ServiceMaster TEAM in Fort Worth, Texas can support you in your time of need. We’re committed to superior results, courteous customer support, and conscientious cost controls. Contact us if you experience water or fire damage due to extreme weather. We answer emergency restoration calls anytime day or night. Our team of experts arrives on-site within 2-4 hours of your initial contact.