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DIY Danger: Cleaning Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage
Author: ServiceMaster Restore

After a fire, the aftermath includes more than just visible damage—lingering smoke odor and unseen destruction pose significant challenges. While the urge to tackle smoke damage on your own might be tempting, enlisting professional help from experts like ServiceMaster Restore is the smart choice. Their specialized experience and access to unique cleaning solutions, not readily available to homeowners, ensure comprehensive restoration after the trauma of a fire. Here's why their assistance is invaluable.

Continued Smoke Damage

A Hidden Threat Acting swiftly after a fire is paramount. The flames may be extinguished, but the pervasive effects of smoke damage persist. Engaging a proficient smoke damage removal service promptly is essential, as additional harm can begin within hours post-fire. Professional teams adeptly address various risks, including:

  1. Plastic or Fiberglass: Rapid yellowing of these materials occurs due to the chemical reaction from fire's proximity. Conventional cleaning can't prevent this transformation.
  2. Walls: Immediate treatment prevents irreversible discoloration, preserving the aesthetics of your home.
  3. Metal: Appliances, fixtures, and decor items are prone to tarnishing. Delayed action accelerates corrosion, aided by ash.
  4. Carpet: Surviving carpets harbor persistent odors resistant to ordinary cleaning methods, alongside progressive discoloration.
  5. Glass: Glass items adopt an etched appearance due to fire-induced alterations in their chemical composition.
  6. Wood: Unprotected wood demands post-fire sanding and refinishing to regain its original luster.

Time is of the essence. Swift engagement of cleanup experts is crucial to combat the escalating damage. For essential post-fire steps, view our informative video guide.

Smoke Odor Removal 

Much like the damage it causes, the stench of smoke is insidious and challenging to eliminate without professional intervention. Surprisingly, even after extinguishing the fire, the odor can linger in the home. Unaddressed smoke odor makes the living environment uncomfortable and emotionally unsettling. Resolving this issue comprehensively demands professional assistance, making the involvement of an expert team imperative.

At ServiceMaster Restore®, recognizing the urgency of limiting fire-related damage while expediting recovery is our forte. Our compassionate professionals possess the expertise to effectively manage smoke damage, guiding your family through the daunting task of restoration. In the event of a fire, promptly contact us – our support is available around the clock, every day, to help you navigate the process. Call us at 1-800-RESPOND

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