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Nashville Mold Removal

Residential Mold Treatment & Inspection

Mold is one of the most insidious contaminants that can be found in any home. It can spread quickly, often going unnoticed until it has become a major problem. Not only can mold damage and devalue property, but it can also cause serious health problems for those living in a contaminated area.

If mold has invaded your home, you may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but don't worry our mold removal experts are here with the necessary skills and expertise to help identify and remove mold permanently, helping keep you and your family safe.

At ServiceMaster Total Restoration Services by Trifecta - Nashville, our mold removal service offers comprehensive mold removal and remediation solutions utilizing effective methods to eradicate mold growth, restoring the quality of your indoor air environment.

Our 24/7 experienced mold removal experts in Nashville have an extensive understanding of all mold control procedures, so you know the job will be done right from start to finish.

If you've found mold growth in your home, contact us online for mold removal in Hendersonville today!

Protect Your Home from Mold Damage

Taking the right steps to protect your home from mold is essential. Finding mold growth in your home is only the start of the problem as mold can pose serious threats to your home and those living in it.

Mold infestation if no treated can lead to:

  • Structural damages to foundations of your home
  • Lingering odors (Musty smell)
  • Severe health problems - respiratory issues, skin irritation, and more

Trying to handle mold damage in your home yourself can be a dangerous endeavor. Not only can it be difficult to obtain the appropriate mold removal products, but mold spores may have spread further than you can see making it more challenging for your mold remediation efforts.

If mold is present in your home, it’s best to leave mold removal to the professionals who possess the skill and experience needed for effective mold remediation.

Warning Signs of Mold growth in Your Home

Mold is a serious concern for many homeowners, as mold can cause long-term damage to your property and your health. To make sure mold does not become a problem in your household, it's important to keep an eye out for warning signs of mold.

Signs of mold in your home include:

  • Musty odors
  • discolored walls or ceilings,
  • dark spots on the walls,
  • peeling wallpaper
  • moldy food items.

If you see any of these tell-tale signs in your home, it's important to reach out to mold treatment experts immediately in order to get the issue resolved quickly and efficiently before even greater mold damages occur.

To get rid of mold damage, dial (615) 558-5255 or contact us online!

Mold Removal - FAQ

What Causes Mold Growth in Your Home?

Mold is a type of fungi that is present in both indoor and outdoor environments. It can grow on almost any surface, and its spores are released into the air, where they can be inhaled by people.

Some mold species are beneficial, such as those used in the production of cheese and antibiotics. However, other mold species can cause health problems, including respiratory infections, nasal congestion, and skin irritation.

Mold growth is often caused by excessive moisture levels. When surfaces become wet, mold spores can land on them and begin to grow. To prevent mold growth in your home, it is important to keep indoor surfaces dry and free of standing water.

You should also repair any leaks promptly and ventilate damp areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. By taking these steps, you can help to create a mold-free environment.

What Is The Difference Between Mold Removal And Mold Remediation

Mold can spread quickly and cause serious damage to your home, which is why it is essential to understand the difference between mold removal and mold remediation. Mold removal is simply removing visible mold growth; this can be done by scrubbing with a cleaner or even taking out affected drywall or furniture. It treats the symptom of visible mold rather than getting to the root cause.

On the other hand, mold remediation involves doing further work to permanently fix the problem – like addressing humidity or water issues that help create an environment conducive to mold growth and removing any underlying contamination. Remediation typically involves more than just removing surface-level growth, as it prevents regrowth in the future while still protecting your home from future environmental issues.

What Does The Mold Remediation Process Look Like?

The mold remediation process is a systematic approach to addressing existing mold in the home or business. Starting with an assessment of the source, professional technicians use sophisticated methods and strategies to identify, contain, and remove mold from affected areas.

Containment solutions provide a safe environment for personnel conducting the work and prevent cross-contamination in other non-affected areas. Once the remediation is complete, it is important to have post-remediation testing performed to verify that all mold has been removed and that conditions are safe for occupancy.

A certified professional is necessary to ensure every step of the process is handled correctly and safely in order to avoid costly complications down the road. Taking care of any mold problems early on through proactive measures will protect your home or business from further damage due to poor indoor air quality caused by uncontrolled growth of hazardous molds.

Can I Do Mold Remediation Myself?

When it comes to mold, trying to fix the problem on your own is not recommended. Even if it's a fairly small infestation, mold remediation can be an involved process. Because of this, it's best to seek the help of a professional with the know-how and experience to properly identify and remove the mold.

Experts like will be able to correctly assess the extent of damage that's been caused by the mold, which is incredibly important in mitigating potential health risks posed by exposure. The right professional should also have access to specialized equipment that makes it simpler to reduce or eliminate toxins. Don't let mold become a major problem - get help from an expert today!

When is Mold Remediation Required?

According to the EPA, it is recommended to hire professional mold remediation services if the mold covers an area larger than 10 square feet (about 3 feet by 3 feet), especially if you suspect that the mold is toxic black mold.

Mold is notoriously sneaky, and can be difficult to spot even when present- professional mold inspectors and remediation specialists can also identify and remove mold you may not have even noticed. If you’re in doubt and suspect you have significant mold growth, it’s worth it to consult with the experts to find out for sure.

If mold growth is in an area smaller than 10 square feet, then you can remove it using regular household products, over-the-counter mold-removal treatments, or even natural cleaners (e.g., white vinegar, bleach solution, etc.). However, if the infestation is larger than that, or you suspect you’ve got black mold, you should hire professional mold remediation services.

Some common signs you should hire mold remediation experts:

  • The space has experienced water damage due to a severe leak or flooding event

  • You notice dark spots on walls or other surfaces

  • You smell a strong musty or mildew-like odor in the affected area

  • You or a loved one in your home is experiencing an extended bout of coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, or irritated eyes

  • There is considerable condensation in your air ducts

Who Should I Call For Mold Removal?

If you're wondering who to call for mold removal, you aren't alone.

When it comes to mold removal and mitigation, you'll want to call a certified and reputable mold removal company.

Our professional mold removal company will:

  • Correctly isolate the mold-contaminated area from other areas in the home
  • Have the tools, equipment, and skill to accurately remove mold
  • Be able to locate and remedy the cause of the mold
  • Help prevent the mold spores from spreading to other areas
  • Restore the affected areas to it's pre-loss state
  • The mold removal process is extensive, but we have everything needed to correctly remove the mold found in your property.

How Long Does Mold Removal Take?

Mold removal can be a tricky and costly process, mold removal is always best left to the professionals. The cost of mold removal will vary depending on the size and extent of the mold problem. In most cases, mold removal can be completed within a few days. However, in some instances, mold removal may take weeks or even months.

The key to preventing mold growth is to address any moisture problems as soon as possible. By addressing moisture issues quickly, you can help to prevent mold growth and save yourself time and money in the long run.

For more information on mold removal, contact us online for help today!