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Mold Remediation in Chula Vista

Mold spores are everywhere and are generally safe, unless under the right conditions. After any type of water enters the home, whether from a plumbing leak or flood, mold has the chance to grow within as little as 48 hours. Once it gets started, it’s hard to put a stop to property and health damage without the help of a team of professionals. This is where ServiceMaster Absolute Water & Fire Damage Services comes in.

Whether your home has dealt with a plumbing mishap, flood, or another type of water damage, the damage must be repaired quickly and correctly by a team of mold removal and remediation experts as soon as possible. Our technicians use the best tools in the industry and proven removal technicians to remove all mold growth and protect the rest of your home and family.

Our Mold Removal Process in Chula Vista

At ServiceMaster Absolute Water & Fire Damage Services, we follow a proven process to clean your home and get your property back to its former condition.

Our team follows a series of steps:

  • Find the Location – Our team works quickly to test your property for mold exposure and locate the source quickly and accurately. We’ll also work to help you stop the source of water damage to reduce the chance of further damage and growth.
  • Isolate It – We’ll isolate the affected and contaminated areas to avoid spreading the mold to other areas of the home. We’ll assess the damage and get to work on creating a plan for mold remediation services.
  • Remove Affected Materials – After making all the necessary preparations, our team will remove all the affected materials and clean the space to completely remove the mold.
  • Restore Space – Once things are clean and clear of mold, we’ll completely dry the area to avoid further damage and make the necessary repairs and replacements needed to get your property back to normal.

If you’ve found any type of mold growing in your home or business, it’s important to call on the team at ServiceMaster Absolute Water & Fire Damage Services for trustworthy mold cleaning services in Chula Vista. Relying on our advanced equipment and proven methods, we’re able to help prevent the chance of an infestation returning.

Need mold damage restored? Give our team a call at (619) 492-5084 to schedule your service!