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ServiceMaster Restore by Angler offers complete commercial packout, content storage, and contents restoration services in Columbus after your business has had a fire, water or storm damage. This is a crucial time for your business. The property may not be safe and secure, so your company may be at risk of theft or further damage by unforeseen elements. Therefore we make sure your building is safe and secure.

In the Disaster Restoration Industry, the term “packout” refers to the service of moving content from a damaged site into storage. We provide the safest of handling during our pack out services, which include a detailed inventory system, a safe and secure content storage facility and complete content restoration services.


The ServiceMaster Restore by Angler pack-out team is IICRC-certified and specially trained to salvage your personal belongings with extra care. Our professionals have gone through rigorous professional packing and inventory training. They will professionally pack your salvaged contents after they have completed an inventory. Our team documents everything by taking photos and itemizing each room to ensure correct placement when your belongings are to be returned. After packing is complete, we will transport your belongings from your home to our safe, secure and climate controlled facility. You can be rest assured that when your belongings are returned to you, they will be in the same if not better condition as when we picked them up.

While in storage, our IICRC-certified technicians will clean and deodorize your possessions utilizing our State of The Art FIRELINE ULTRASONIC CONTENT CLEANING SYSTEM. Fireline utilizes systematic procedures for all phases of the restoration process. With specifically engineered processing equipment, cleaning agents and processing strategies, this technology allows for recovery of many items that other companies might consider non-salvageable. The Fireline System is truly an industry breakthrough providing damaged content cleaning services unavailable by most restoration companies in Columbus and southwest Ohio. ServiceMaster Clean by Angler is committed to providing outstanding damage cleaning services, which is why we chose to install the Fireline Cleaning System, a one-source solution for all content cleaning needs. You can check out this system by going to their website at Your personal belongings and beloved possessions will be restored to pre-damaged condition. ServiceMaster Restore by Angler will then pack your items into a storage vault at our warehouse that has 24 hour video surveillance to ensure safety and security.


Our in-house Fireline Cleaning System and deodorization room allows us to restore large, small, and even the most sensitive items. Below are contents we have significant experience in restoring from smoke damage:

  • Televisions, game consoles, computers and other electronics
  • Couches, chairs, and other large furniture
  • Pictures, artwork and photo albums
  • Collectible items and memorabilia

Need more detail? Our process is simple and we’ve got it down to a science. Please watch the above video of our team demonstrating a pack out.


Our in-house Fireline Cleaning System and deodorization room allows us to restore large, small, and even the most sensitive items. Below are contents we have significant experience in restoring from smoke damage:

  • Full-service professional moving with scheduled pack out of contents – details of every item, photo documentation and cost are recorded so we can help file the claim quickly
  • Initial on-site evaluation – the current conditions of your items are recorded, inventoried using our exclusive mobile technology, and can be tracked 24/7 through the cleaning process.
  • Individual, cataloged storage vaults
  • Climate-controlled warehousing, contents are kept in a private vault for safety and organization.
  • Multi-level security with 24-hr video surveillance
  • Fireline Cleaning System
  • Deodorization system
  • Cleaning process – the Fireline Cleaning System and deodorization process brings life back to your belongings and kills the odor and soot. Items are repacked in new boxes


Saving stuff in moderation is considered normal. However, this seemingly healthy impulse can quickly go too far and develop into a clinical obsessive-compulsive disorder. You can’t chalk up compulsive hoarding to an eccentricity or a character flaw. It is much more serious and harder to control than that. Dr. Sanjaya Saxena, MD, director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Program at the University of California, San Diego. explains “It is, in fact, a neuropsychiatric disorder that will not get better unless the person is treated.” Hoarding affects people of all backgrounds and ages. Studies show as many as 3 to 6 million Americans may be afflicted at some level. Compulsive hoarding often requires extensive treatment. However many will deny that they have accumulated too much stuff, or that the clutter may cause a problem. Even those who seek treatment can’t always find or afford the currently recommended approach, cognitive-behavioral therapy sometimes paired with medication from a specialist.

Angler Construction and ServiceMaster Restore by Angler is your only local Single Source Provider in Columbus and Southwest Ohio that can offer both the cleaning and restoration of your home or business. You can be confident the job will be completed timely, accurately, and with compassion.

What’s your plan when disaster strikes? Contact ServiceMaster Restore by Angler at (614) 454-3850 for commercial packout and content storage services in Columbus and throughout Southwest Ohio.