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Expert Columbus Fire Restoration Services to Return Your Life to Normal

ServiceMaster by Angler is the longest-running family-owned restoration company in Columbus, Burned down home ready for cleanup or fire damage restoration in Columbus, OH OH and a top provider of residential fire damage restoration services in the area. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge and equipment along with 45+ years of experience to effectively handle fire damage cleanup and repair services for local residential settings.

Fire damage can have deep, lasting effects beyond the structural elements of the building if it is not addressed quickly which is why our phone lines are open 24 hours a day. The residential fire damage restoration team at ServiceMaster by Angler can handle any size of Columbus fire damage project, regardless of the extent of the damage. We are dedicmated to completely restoring your property to get your residence back in its current state as soon as possible.

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ServiceMaster Restore offers fire and smoke damage restoration services in Columbus


Examples of our residential fire damage restoration jobs can be viewed in our gallery below. As you browse through the photos, you will understand the amount of work required for effective fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal.

Some restoration companies may claim to have the expertise and credentials to provide fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal but will not do the job effectively or according to building codes. Our experienced technicians locate and remove any hidden sources of smoke odor that many contractors overlook.

We take so much pride in our smoke odor removal services that we offer a “Lifetime No Odor Guarantee.” Make sure to check the credentials of any Columbus fire restoration company you hire because a surge in destructive storms in the area over the last couple years has led to the development of many new restoration companies that do not have the credentials or experience to handle residential fire damage restoration and smoke deodorization.

residential Kitchen ready for fire and smoke damage restoration services in Columbus

Our fire restoration process

Highly Trained Fire Damage Remediation

ServiceMaster by Angler provides residential fire damage restoration and specializes in cleaning all surfaces, smoke deodorization, and removing items that have been charred or destroyed. We look within cracks, behind moldings and within all cavities to locate and remove any smoke odor or soot. If the building is not properly deodorized, the smoke odor can linger for years.

We provide complete fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal services to resident homes in Columbus and Southwest Ohio. Our disaster damage restoration team is dedicated to restoring your property in an effective and timely manner so that you can resume business as quickly as possible.

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Restoration company in Columbus providing fire extinguishers to prevent fire and smoke damage

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anything salvageable after a fire?

Home fire damage can seem overwhelming and, for many families, it often leads to feelings of hopelessness. The truth is that fire restoration experts can help recover valuable belongings, salvage essential memories as well as rebuild destroyed spaces.

Fire damage restoration professionals provide innovative solutions that can recover photographs and mementos, restore wood furniture and assess walls and flooring with special tools. With a fire damage restoration team, homeowners will have access to the latest technology solutions to assess fire-damaged items and salvage anything that may be important or sentimental.

Together with their professional fire restoration process, homeowners are capable of recovering some really amazing things after experiencing fire destruction in their home.

How long does smoke damage last?

Smoke damage can last a long time and create significant damages. Smoke residue penetrates various surfaces and materials including walls, ceilings, furniture, draperies, carpets and clothing.

Smoke residue will damage the porous materials that unfortunately soak in smoke particles creating stains and odors. Smoke residues also contain an organic acid which will continue to eat away at the damaged materials if left untreated for a long period of time.

It is important to take swift action regarding smoke damage restoration in order to battle possible further destruction due to smoke damage. Professional smoke damage remediation companies can provide valuable services in the smoke damage restoration process by safely removing smoke residues from affected surfaces and restoring them back to their condition prior to the smoke incident.