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Flood Restoration Services from ServiceMaster by Cornerstone

Flooding is an emergency situation that needs immediate attention and ServiceMaster by Cornerstone is here for you in that emergency 24/7, 365 days a year to professionally extract water and use our industrial drying equipment to get your home or business back on its feet as soon as possible. With recent storms across the Mid-South, it is more important than ever to get professional help for flood damage to avoid the damage getting any worse and creating or accentuating structural issues or health issues due to mold. Even a small amount of flood damage is still an emergency because if not taken care of properly, the resulting issues can become catastrophic. 

Probable Issues Caused by Flood Damage 

  • Water can get into wood, fabrics or insulation and cause rotting and within 24 hours, mold will begin to grow. 
  • Mold can start to get into your home or business’s structure and cause damage and weakness, compromising it. 
  • Mold spores can start to circulate into your HVAC system and cause or exacerbate breathing issues like asthma and allergies. If left unattended, mold can cause serious, lifelong risks to your health and that of your family, pets or employees.  

Cautionary Actions: 

  • Do not go in any room with standing water and electricity still active 
  • Do not attempt to vacuum water with a regular vacuum cleaner 
  • Do not touch any mold that may have appeared 
  • Stay away from any sewage 

What to Do after a Water Emergency 

  • Call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone as soon as possible from a safe place 
  • Cut off the source of water if possible and safe to do so 
  • If there is standing water present, turn off electricity if possible or call your utility company to turn it off. 
  • Hang to dry anything that is fabric to dry 
  • Try to get ruined items out of the dwelling 
  • Mop with a mop if possible but do not use towel 
  • If flooding is in a basement, call a plumber or try using a sump pump to dissipate the water. 
  • Get furniture out of water if possible, to avoid water seeping into wood. 

If flood waters have affected your home, call Service Master by Cornerstone at (901) 624-9200 immediately to save your home or business from further damage and keep you, your family or employees safe from health issues.