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Why Crime Scenes Should Be Cleaned By Professionals

Believe it or not, law enforcement isn’t responsible for cleanup follow violent crimes or situations. Once the scene of a crime is cleared, it is up to the property owner to handle the work — and that can be problematic.

Depending on the nature of the crime and the homeowner’s personal involvement, it’s rarely a good idea for the homeowner to deal with deep cleaning and sterilizing, especially to that extent. Not only is it very difficult, but it is also emotionally taxing. That, though, is just the beginning — there are a number of reasons to hire a professional to handle crime scene cleanup.

#1: Prevent Biohazard Problems

When a crime occurs, there is a likelihood of blood and bodily fluids being left behind. Body tissues and other biological material may be present, as well. Even if it is from a family member, coming into contact with such material can be dangerous — disease and infection are real risks. If a person is untrained in proper methods for removing these materials, an escalation of problems can occur. That person is at risk of illness and infection. In addition, they may spread those biological materials further into the home, worsening the problem and potentially infecting others. Personal protective equipment is the bare first line of defense for those cleaning up a crime scene. From there, these professionals follow a very specific protocol in removing such materials in a safe manner, ensuring they are disposed of properly and leaving surfaces that are clean and free of risk.

#2: The Right Equipment Is Used

There’s little doubt than in a large-scale event, you do not have the manpower or the equipment to get the work done properly on your own. Here, personal protective equipment is the first step. Most locations require additional equipment, including filtered respirators, gloves, boots capable of being used in chemical spills, and much more. The clean up itself requires commercial-grade equipment including industrial-strength deodorizers and hospital-grade disinfectants. These products are not otherwise accessible. Professionals will have the resources necessary to manage the cleanup, removal, and disposal of these materials according to local requirements and safety standards. Again, this is typically not knowledge the average homeowner has.

#3: Investigations Can Go On

Getting back into your home after such an event is important to you, but that doesn’t mean the police department is done using the space. This is especially true in violent events and crimes. They may need to come back several times to inspect the area or to understand the layout.

When a professional is managing the cleaning and restoration work of these scenes, the police department is never hampered. They are able to continue looking for information and gaining the insight they need to solve the crime.

#4: The Cleaning Is Done Thoroughly

Surfaces can easily look clean when you wipe them down but can still contain high levels of high-risk material on them. Material that gets into the drywall, absorbs into carpeting, or becomes embedded in the grout of your tile is nearly impossible to clean up using normal methods and chemicals.

Professionals have the resources to remove these components to a microscopic level, removing nearly all evidence of the event. They can also work to prevent the onset of mold and bacteria growth that can quickly occur in such situations.

#5: You Shouldn’t Expose Yourself to These Situations

Any time a violent act occurs, it creates an emotional scar that is quite difficult to overcome by the average person. When it is your family, your home, or someone you know, it’s quite difficult to be able to manage this situation on your own. In the long term, cleanup of these types of scenes can be emotionally jarring, creating a higher risk of developing conditions such as PTSD. Avoid this. Allow a professional detached from the situation to do the work for you instead.

Turning to a professional, such as our team at ServiceMaster by Cornerstone, can provide you with the resources you need. Contact us now for an estimate.