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Post-Fire Recovery Services For Business Owners

Experiencing a fire at your business can be distressing, but recovery can be guided by experts who understand your unique needs as a business owner. At ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration - Ft. Wayne, we recognize the challenges and uncertainties of commercial fire damage. Our mission is to minimize disruptions, expedite recovery, and restore your business to its former glory.

YOUR Restoration Partner

As business owners, we know the urgency of swiftly getting your operations back on track after a fire. Our team at ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration - Ft. Wayne is dedicated to restoring your property and helping you confidently navigate the entire restoration journey.

Our Process

Our fire damage restoration process is a meticulous and multifaceted endeavor. Here's what you can expect when you partner with ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration - Ft. Wayne for commercial fire damage restoration:

  • Assessment: We initiate the restoration journey with a comprehensive evaluation of the damages, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • Collaboration: We work closely with you, your insurance provider, and a network of experts to devise a restoration strategy that aligns with your financial constraints and timeline.
  • Specialized Equipment: Our state-of-the-art equipment, including air scrubbers and industrial-grade fans, is employed to clear the premises of persistent smoke odors, soot, and residual moisture.
  • Swift Action: Time is of the essence. The sooner we initiate these restoration actions after a fire, the less damage and loss your business will incur.


When disaster strikes, remember that ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration - Ft. Wayne is here to support you. Reach out to us, and let our team guide you through the restoration process, helping you rebuild your business and regain your peace of mind.


Don't delay your business's recovery. Reach out to our team today! Our experts are ready to assist you in restarting the restoration process and getting your business back on its feet.

For more information about our commercial fire damage clean-up, repair, and restoration services in Ft. Wayne, IN, call or contact us online today.