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Mold Damage Restoration in Yuba City

ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration - Marysville is your go-to resource for mold recovery services. Our expert technicians have the advanced tools and training to thoroughly assess your home, diagnose issues, and take prompt action to protect both your family.

Dangers and Warning Signs of Mold

Mold is a form of fungi that thrives in warm, damp, and dark environments. When it grows in the home, it can commonly be found in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens – usually around plumbing, under sinks, drywall, ceiling tiles, and carpeted areas.

Visible signs may vary based on the type of mold; however, you can typically find it in discolored portions of your walls or ceiling. Some molds might appear gray-brown, gray-green, black, or white.

Not all mold growth is visible, which is when it’s beneficial to recognize signs early:

  • Allergy symptoms that disappear when you’re not at home
  • Sudden onset respiratory problems, including asthma episodes
  • Musty odors that are lingering persistently

Whether from flooding, water leaks, or burst pipes, water damage can create a home for mold growth that can have serious effects on your health and your home.

Mold impacts on your health:

Beyond uncomfortable allergic reactions and respiratory issues, exposure to toxic mold can lead to fungal infection in those with weakened immune systems. It can also increase the risk of young children developing asthma, according to Medical News Today.

Mold impacts on your home:

If left untreated, mold can cause significant damage to your home. From ruining possessions, walls, and floors, to creating structural foundation issues, mold needs to be identified and eliminated at the source.

Our Mold Remediation Process

After locating the source of the problem and assessing any damages, we’ll work to:

  • Isolate and contain the mold using highly effective techniques, including negative air pressure and physical barriers.
  • Remove physical mold using both antifungal and antimicrobial treatments.
  • Remove microscopic mold spores from the air with capturing, filtering, and scrubbing methods.
  • Safely dispose of porous, mold-infested materials that are irreparable.
  • Clean, sanitize, and deodorize affected possessions.
  • Repair and restore damaged sections of your property to pre-loss condition

If you have residential mold damage in Yuba City, call ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration - Marysville today for fast-acting restoration services at (530) 270-4310 or reach out online to get started.