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Huntington Beach Water Damage Restoration

For Water Damage Repairs, Expertise Is Key

At ServiceMaster Emergency Response, we know that water damage can be irrecoverable, and so we work in haste to treat and restore what we can as promptly as possible. At the same time, there are situations where waiting is essential. For example, when wood furniture is saturated with water it is often best for it to dry slowly. The reason for this is simple: because wood expands when it is wet, and shrinks when it dries, it can easily become warped if the drying process occurs too swiftly.

This is why it is pivotal to contact your local team at ServiceMaster Restore to have a professional fully assess the water damage so that the correct protocol can be taken. With in-depth knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced techniques, and years of experience, our water damage repair specialists have dealt with every imaginable situation and will quickly create a game plan that optimizes the chances of successful restoration.

Cutting-Edge Water Detection Methods

When it comes to salvaging your furniture, we have the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your property is given the best chance to recover. A critical component of water damage restoration is analyzing the extent of the damage. It is well known that a flood cleanup assignment is never ideal. When a lot of water or even a steady leak inundates a section of a property and saturates furniture, serious consequences usually follow. What is less widely known is that moist and damp conditions can also be insidious, quietly causing damage. Items like old antiques with inlays and veneer and materials with solid tops are particularly susceptible to damage from dampness alone.

That is why moisture meters are a premier tool in the industry. With its capacity to detect levels of dampness, we can gauge what course of action to take. Nevertheless, it is always important to be on the lookout for possible water damage in the first place. If you own heirlooms and antiques or any type of furniture that warrants concern for their condition, be vigilant of these three warning signs:

  1. Warped and/or cracked slabs of wood, loose joints, and structural changes in appearance.
  2. Cloudy or bubbly spots under the surface of a veneer, failing adhesives like glue, or unexpected stains.
  3. Blooms or patches of mold, which can vary in color from white to brown to black.

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Can Wood Furniture Be Salvaged After Water Damage?

The type of water that has caused damage is a particularly important factor to consider, especially when a decision is still being deliberated regarding whether to salvage damaged furniture or to accept an unavoidable loss.

When it comes to salvaging your furniture, we specialize in all types of damage, and have dealt with nearly every kind of material, from non-porous tops and woods to antiques to veneers. After comprehensively drying and cleaning the damaged object, a typical water damage restoration project might entail refinishing and polishing furniture, blending and/or staining woods, refacing cabinets, removing watermarks, repairing upholstery, and stabilizing the structure of damaged furniture.

Our Water Damage Restoration Protocol in Huntington Beach

Over the years, we have streamlined our water damage repair process into a tried-and-true routine of five easy steps:

  1. We scope out the source and degree of water damage.
  2. We analyze the possible repair strategies and offer a restoration plan.
  3. We remove / pump out the water from your residence or commercial property.
  4. We dry the structure and furniture as appropriate.
  5. We use state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and industry-grade equipment to eliminate all moisture that might lead to future damage.

Professionalism and Expertise You Can Trust

Water damage to any structure is never reassuring. The upside is that our Huntington Beach flood cleanup professionals are prepared to do everything in their power to restore the parts of your home or commercial space that have been negatively affected. Combining scientifically proven techniques with technicians who offer years of industry-leading experience, the ServiceMaster Restore team operates with a sense of urgency and purpose. Fortunately for you, water damage repair is in our company’s DNA. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our esteemed staff is just a call away from going above and beyond to return your property and furniture back to normal in no time.

For water damage restoration services in Huntington Beach, call (714) 386-1972 today.