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Mold Remediation in Greater Portland, Maine

Comprehensive Inspection, Testing & Removal Near You

Mold is not the type of problem to go away on its own. If you see visible patches of mold growing in your home or smell mildew, musty odor in your home that you can't identify the source of, it's time to call in a professional. Mold can potentially be dangerous to your health, and the longer it is allowed to grow and spread, the more difficult and costly it will be to remove.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration - Falmouth is your local mold abatement team in Portland, ME. Backed by a national name with more than six decades of professional restoration experience, you can count on our experts to tackle your mold problem quickly and correctly.

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What is Involved With Mold Remediation?

A solid mold remediation process is essential for ensuring that you, your family, and even your pets stay healthy. If your home was damaged during a water disaster, working with mold remediation professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration - Falmouth is the key.

Depending on how severe the mold damage in your home is, the mold remediation procedure may involve the steps below:

  • Testing your home for mold
  • Assessment of the results and extent of the damage
  • Containing the mold or isolating affected areas
  • Mold remediation, which includes cleaning & and sanitizing a location (including air filtration).
  • Post-mold abatement inspection and recommendations on how to prevent mold from coming back.

Mold Removal Methods

Some mold remediation jobs require a specialized kind of mold removal. Certain building materials (framing work and cement block, for example) and sometimes the size of the job require a faster way of mold removal than hand HEPA vacuuming. In these situations, more advanced delivery methods are advisable for better results and reduced costs.

Mold Removal Falmouth MESANDBLASTING

Using sand to remove mold can be very effective, but it is also a very aggressive removal system and can actually damage to building material if not controlled. The cleanup is no picnic either.


Sodium bicarbonate is used in the same way as sand blasting. It’s not as aggressive, but the cleanup is the same, if not worse, than sand blasting.


The nature of the dry ice is that it pretty much dissolves away during use, so there is no secondary debris to clean up like the sand or soda methods. The residual contaminants from the mold will need to be removed, but that’s all. The biggest problem with dry ice blasting is that it reduces the oxygen in the air when the carbon dioxide is released during the process. Without proper breathing equipment and/or proper exhausting of the carbon dioxide, it can be deadly.

These methods should only be performed by certified technicians and with the proper precautions in place. These are specialized services that when needed, can make a mold remediation job a piece of cake. If done by the wrong people, it can be catastrophic.

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Is Mold Dangerous?

Some mold species can be extremely dangerous and others are completely benign. The health effects caused by mold can vary greatly. It can be very difficult to identify mold just by looking at it and it typically requires special equipment.

There are many resources available to help home owners and business owners identify mold such as

How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

The cost of a given mold remediation job can vary significantly from person to person because each situation is unique. There are many factors that we take into consideration when formulating a cost estimate, including the amount of mold that needs to be removed, the location that it is growing in (and how accessible it is), the type of surface that the mold is growing on, etc. To get the most accurate idea of how much mold remediation will cost in your situation, please give us a call to request an in-person inspection.

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