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Fire Damage Restoration in Hartford, WI

Simply thinking about a property fire can be unbearable, but they are common, causing permanent damage throughout the home while threatening the safety of everyone inside.

It should be the first priority for everyone to evacuate the property in the event of a fire. Afterwards, the focus should move towards extinguishing the flames and starting the recovery process.

Starting the restoration process as soon as the flames are extinguished is one of the most important steps to take. This is because the byproducts produced from the fire, like soot and smoke can cause permanent damage to the remaining surfaces and furnishings.

ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is available 24/7 in Hartford, WI and the surrounding areas to provide complete fire and smoke damage restoration services for all homes and commercial properties.

Fire Damage Repair

As soon as the fire department extinguishes the flames, it’s very important to call ServiceMaster Kwik Restore to limit the damage as much as possible. As most of the damage from property fires is caused by the smoke and soot particles, etching, discoloration, and corrosion can occur to all remaining surfaces. Our technicians can prevent this by providing a thorough pre-cleaning service.

When it comes to restoring fire damage, our fire damage restoration contractors have years of training and experience in cleaning oily soot residue from surfaces and materials of all types. This is done with the use of professional products, equipment, and perfected methods.

After cleaning all affected areas, we will address the structural damage, removing any permanently damaged materials and replacing them as needed.

Before ServiceMaster Kwik Restore arrives, you can prevent further damage to your property by following these tips:

  • Never try to clean any porous surfaces yourself, such as drywall, wood, or carpeting
  • Do not turn on your air conditioner, furnace, or other electrical items until they have been inspected by our team
  • Do not try to move large pieces of furniture
  • Throw away all food items that were exposed during the fire

Odor Removal

As fires can cause different types of damage that’s not only physical, strong odors are left behind that can stay for months, even after the restoration service.

As odors produced from the smoke spread throughout the property after the fire, they are absorbed within porous materials. The only way to remove them fully is to use powerful deodorization equipment and methods, a service that our technicians will gladly provide for you.

Emergency Response for Fire Damage Cleanup

Discovering a fire on your property can be overwhelming and traumatic but taking action immediately to put out the flames and starting the restoration process is crucial towards preventing additional damage. This includes etching and corrosion from the smoke and soot.

Our technicians will respond immediately to stabilize the building and start the pre-cleaning process to limit the damage before starting the restoration process.

ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is available 24/7 in Hartford, WI to provide complete fire damage restoration services for all homes and buildings. Reach Us at 262-235-7076.