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Mold Damage in Waynesboro, VA

Restore Your Home with Our Mold Detection, Removal, & Remediation Services

Mold growth can be one of the worst things to occur in the home. Not only does it pose a risk to your home’s stability by rooting itself in various materials, but it also poses a major health risk to your family. Whether you’ve dealt with a plumbing emergency, roofing leak, flooding, or water damage of any kind, mold can begin growing and spreading within as little as 48 hours. ServiceMaster of Shenandoah Valley is here to detect any mold that your home may be harboring and removing is using proven processes and advanced tools.

Early Warning Signs of Mold Growth

Mold is not only ugly to look at, but it also poses a major risk to your property’s materials and anybody that steps into your home. To keep everyone safe and comfortable, homeowners should take the time to understand some of the most common indicators that mold is present.

Some symptoms of mold growth in the home include:

  • Brown, green, black, or white spots clustered on a surface
  • Unusual and unpleasant smell of mildew or must
  • Cold-related symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and itchy red eyes
  • Signs of water damage on floors, walls, or ceilings

What Happens if Mold Is Left Untreated?

If mold is left untreated, or treated improperly with a DIY mold removal solution, it will not go away without the help of a team of professionals.

If left untreated or undetected, mold growth can lead to:

  • Structural damage to the foundation of your home, along with various materials such as drywall and heating and cooling systems
  • Major health problems including the aggravation of asthma symptoms, allergic reactions, and general mold illness
  • Unattractive and unappealing appearance throughout the home

At the first sign of residential mold, contact our team! With early detection, our Waynesboro mold removal professionals can protect and ensure the comfort, health, and safety of yourself and everyone else in your family.

Need mold removal and remediation in Waynesboro? Give our team a call at (540) 269-4672 today!