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Top-Rated Mold Removal for Nashville Homes

Cleaning up a mold problem should never be a DIY project. If you have noticed mold growth in your home, you need a local professional to assess the extent of the problem and get to work on the right mold removal solution.

Here in the Nashville area, the name to trust for professional mold remediation is ServiceMaster Restoration by David . ServiceMaster is a nationally-recognized and trusted brand that you can depend on. We are ready to help restore your home to a safe condition free from potentially toxic mold growth.

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Leading Causes of Mold in Nashville Homes

Mold spores are everywhere in the average home, but they don’t typically become an issue unless there’s a problem with dampness. Some of the most common culprits of home mold infestations include:

  • Plumbing leaks. Whether a pipe in your walls or floors has been slowly dripping for months or you’ve experienced a catastrophic pipe burst, all of that moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive. If you’ve recently had a leak, even if you think you’ve cleaned it all up, it is still a good idea to have a professional mold inspection.
  • Roof leaks. If your roof is missing shingles or has some other area of damage due to roof age or a recent storm, that can allow water to intrude into your attic and through your ceiling, creating an invitation for mold growth.
  • Excessive humidity. Ideal indoor humidity levels are between 30-50%. Any higher than this and your indoor air will be too wet, allowing mold spores in your air ducts, vents, and any other surfaces to grow. A dehumidifier is an effective way to combat this problem during the humid months.

Identifying and Understanding Black Mold Dangers

“Black mold” or “toxic black mold” usually refers to Stachybotrys Chartarum. It has been linked to a variety of symptoms, especially in those who are immunocompromised or have asthma or allergies. It takes on the form of circular, dark growths which tend to be fuzzy or slimy. Black mold thrives off of very high moisture contents, which is why when you have a leak, it tends to crop up quickly.

Identifying it is not so straightforward, however.

Many types of mold are dark-colored, and most of them are indistinguishable from Stachybotrys Chartarum. At different lifecycle stages, mold can also appear white or green at first. To make matters even more complicated, there are toxic forms of every color mold there is.

Because of all mold’s potential to be toxic (and its unattractive appearance), we recommend removing all forms, not just black mold.

Restore your home and health with professional mold removal services.Contact us online or call(615) 558-5301 to get started.

What Is The Difference Between Mold Removal & Mold Remediation?

Mold removal and mold remediation are both processes used to get rid of mold from an environment, however, mold remediation goes further than mold removal does.

Mold removal is the process of capturing mold spores that have grown in a certain area and removing them with specialized techniques and equipment. While mold removers can go a long way toward improving air quality, mold remediation is more comprehensive.

Mold remediation involves not only removing the mold but also eliminating moisture sources, structural repair or replacement, air filtration systems, and other methods to ensure mold growth won't happen again. Remediation should be done by professional mold specialists who know the best technique depending on the type of mold present.

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ServiceMaster Restoration by David is ready to help you get your home back to normal. Using the latest mold remediation technology and industry-approved techniques, we are well equipped to handle even the most challenging situations.

Whether you have a small, isolated area of mold growth or a more extensive and widespread area of concern, rest assured that our certified team of experts has the situation covered.

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You Have Questions & We Have Answers

  • How much does mold removal cost?

    Mold removal can be a costly endeavor, depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the area that needs to be treated. Generally speaking, the cost of mold removal ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the extent of the problem. For smaller areas, such as a single wall or a small closet, the cost is usually in the hundreds. This cost covers the labor, materials, and disposal of the mold. 

    For larger areas, such as a basement, attic, or entire home, the cost can be much higher. In these cases, the cost may include professional remediation, testing, and containment. The cost can also vary depending on the type of mold present. Some molds, such as black mold, require more specialized treatment and may cost more than other types.