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Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Miami

We Help Businesses Recover from Fires

Florida residents are not novices when it comes to dealing with devastating fires. In Miami, brush fires can cause a wide range of problems. If you are a commercial property owner, the last thing you want is for something like this to affect your business. Luckily, that’s why ServiceMaster DSI is here.

Why Choose ServiceMaster DSI?

We offer commercial fire/smoke damage restoration in Miami backed by a national brand with over 65 years of experience. Available 24/7/365 for your convenience, our team is here to help you begin the restoration process ASAP. And with vast resources and the latest technologies, ServiceMaster DSI is the name business owners trust when they need someone to get the job done right and right away.

24/7 Emergency Response for Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage

At ServiceMaster DSI - Miami, we understand that fires can happen at any time, causing significant damage to your commercial property. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency response for commercial fire and smoke damage restoration. Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to respond to your call and begin the restoration process immediately.

When you choose us for your commercial fire and smoke damage restoration needs, you can expect:

  • Rapid response times to minimize further damage
  • Thorough assessment and evaluation of the damage
  • Professional and efficient clean-up and restoration
  • State-of-the-art equipment and techniques
  • Safe and effective removal of soot, smoke, and odors
  • Complete documentation for insurance claims

Our goal is to help businesses in Miami recover from fires and get back to normal operations as quickly as possible. We understand the unique challenges that commercial properties face and have the expertise to handle any size or type of fire and smoke damage restoration project.

Contact ServiceMaster DSI - Miami today for prompt and reliable commercial fire and smoke damage restoration services by calling (954) 866-1516!

Why You Should Leave Commercial Fire Restoration to the Experts

One of the things that makes fire damage so insidious is that it can linger behind for years, especially if it has not been taken care of by a professional. This can eventually cause structural damage and corrosion throughout your property. Meanwhile, failing to remove smoke and soot residue may not only lead to discolored surfaces, tarnished metals, and etchings in glass across your facility, but health problems for anyone who works in your property. 

The Process of Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-Up in Miami

At ServiceMaster DSI, our fire damage restoration process includes:

  • Inspecting the structural integrity of your facility to ensure safety
  • Identifying the source of the fire to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future
  • Evaluating areas that have suffered water damage due to fire suppression efforts
  • Remediating any resulting water damage (if necessary)
  • Assessing sensitive materials that may have been damaged as a result of smoke/soot particles
  • Removing contents from your property
  • Collecting important items so you can operate your business remotely
  • Securing, storing, and cleaning sensitive files and data storage devices
  • Salvaging product stock, raw materials, commodities, and machinery
  • Packing out remaining contents for cleaning and storage

Our Miami commercial fire and smoke damage restoration team also offer structural restoration, including:

  • Removing charred contents that may seal in smoke (insulation, burned wood, etc.)
  • Evaluating carpets/floor coverings
  • Treating affected surfaces for smoke odors and sealing certain areas to keep lingering odors from seeping back in
  • Eliminating odors and deodorizing surfaces
  • Returning items to their original location so you can return to normal operation

Contact ServiceMaster DSI today if your property has been affected by fire and smoke damage.