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BBQ Safety

A BBQ in the warm sun is an essential part of summer across the South Atlantic. There’s nothing better than enjoying tasty food with friends and family. Anytime you use your grill, there’s a fire risk. That’s why it’s important to brush up on BBQ safety tips before you use your grill for the first time this season.

Before First Use

Clean your grill thoroughly before the first use of the season. Soak grate, shields, and burners in a soapy solution. If stuck on grease remains, try running your grill on high for 15 minutes with the lid closed. For gas grills, reconnect the gas tank and replace the grease pan. Don’t forget to wipe down the exterior of your grill as well.

Regular Maintenance

After every use, brush grates. Do this when the grill is still warm for easy cleanup. It’s important to remove excess grease every chance you get. Grease is highly flammable and can quickly send a BBQ fire out of control. In addition, wipe the exterior of your grill, allow ashes to cool, and close the lid of your grill.

Grease Fire

Grease buildup on grills is common. It’s important to be prepared for a grease fire. Keep baking soda or sand nearby to smother flames. Never throw water on a grease fire. If the baking soda or sand doesn’t work, you can try turning off the burner and covering your grill. Only try these steps if safe to do so. When in doubt, evacuate the area and call 911.

Gas Grills

Using a gas grill can be a little easier than a charcoal grill. This added convenience comes with some necessary maintenance. Check your gas supply often. Make sure that you have enough in your tank, your gas line is properly attached and you don’t have any leaks. A quick check will alert you of a gas leak. All you need is a solution of equal parts of water and soap. Brush the soapy solution on your gas line and valve. Turn your gas on slowly and watch. If you see bubbles form, you have a leak. Don’t use your grill until any leaks have been fixed. Excess gas in the air is bad for your health and can lead to a dangerous explosion.

Charcoal Grills

It takes a little bit more work to start a charcoal grill. Lighter fluid and coals are important to use but have an added fire risk of their own. Only use lighter fluid over cold coals. Once you’re done with it, secure the lid and store it away from the grill. If you use a hot starter, handle it carefully while hot. After grilling, let the ashes cool completely before removing them. Once cooled, move them into a non-flammable container away from your home.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services is your local fire and water damage restoration expert across the South Atlantic. We hope these tips help you enjoy a damage-free summer. Our team also offers construction and janitorial services. The quicker you call, the more damage we can prevent.