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Odor Removal Services In Redding

Restoring Your Home From Fire, Water, & Mold Odor Damage

Odors from sewage, biological sources, water damage, mold, fire and smoke damage, and other invisible dangers can disrupt your home and your health. Particularly, airborne particles of smoke and odor are still present days after a fire has occurred.

Whatever the source of the issue, ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Redding has the professional materials, knowledge, and specialized tools to eliminate a variety of scents and restore your ability to breathe comfortably.


We use a range of advanced deodorization tools to eliminate odor from your home, including:

  • Air Scrubbers – With the use of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, air scrubbers eliminate odorous substances from the air, enhancing air purification

  • Thermal Fog – thermal fog uses strong deodorizers, that are fully dispersed throughout a space to remove odors

  • Ozone – ozone is an oxidizing agent that will consume odorous particles. This is produced by our portable ozone generators

  • Hydroxyl Generators – these powerful machines use hydroxyl radicals to break down odors on the molecular level!

What Causes Bad Odor in the Home?

Fire and Smoke: Whether a fire event occurred in the home or there are frequent cigarette smokers in the home, smoke odor can become pervasive and nearly impossible to remedy with DIY or store-bought products.

Water and Mold: It’s normal for material that has been soaked with water to develop a musty smell. However, sometimes water damage can lead to mold development, which also causes foul odors.

Sewage and Biological Waste: Sewer backups or septic tank leaks can cause foul odors to travel through your home. Having these issues fixed by a plumber is necessary to achieve full air purification.

Why Partner with ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Redding?

We know how uncomfortable and at time, embarrassing an odor problem in the home can be. That’s why we take the approach of empathy and utmost professionalism when performing odor elimination services.

Also, you can rest assured knowing that we use advanced tools & methods that are backed by a brand with 65 years of experience in providing restoration services to homeowners like you.

Looking for odor removal services near you? Turn to our expert team! You cancontact us online or call(530) 278-6918 to schedule a service.