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Carpet and Floor Care

Your carpets are a big investment. They can make or break a first impression. Foot traffic, rainy weather are all culprits for carpet wear and tear. Carpet fibers are known to hold dirt and debris out of sight. Even if your carpets look clean, damage could be happening. The longer debris sits on your carpets, the more damage they produce. Our regular carpet cleanings not only remove the visible dirt, but they also go deeper to remove everything you can’t see. Whether there is a tough carpet stain, or it is time for a deep clean, our expert technicians remove stains, odors and will make your home or business sparkle.

Our Services:

  • Pre-inspect carpeting to evaluate soil conditions.
  • Move smaller furniture from a specified room (will be moved back into place after the process)
  • Pre-treat stains and any unsightly spots.
  • Apply carpet-cleaning agents to loosen dirt and soil that are deeply embedded in the carpet.
  • Rinse and extract shampoo and other cleaning agents with clean hot water to ensure soil, residue, and rinse water, are thoroughly removed.
  • Post-treat any remaining stains as needed.
  • If requested, apply fiber protectant agent.

Not only do we provide quality carpet cleaning services at affordable rates, but we also clean upholstery, draperies and other surfaces such as tile or hardwood. If you’re ready for your property to receive the cleaning it deserves, call ServiceMaster South Shore today. Visit our Tile & Grout Cleaning page for more information about our hard-surface cleaning services.