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Fire Damage Restoration in Peoria, AZ

Residential Fire Damage Restoration Service Near You

Fires are among the most dangerous and deadly disasters. With the ability to start and spread quickly from a number of potential sources, they instantly put everyone’s lives in danger. At the first site of an uncontrollable fire, immediate action should be taken to evacuate everyone from the home or building.

Once everyone is safely out, the fire department must be called to put out the flames. But even after they’re out, the damage doesn’t stop here; the smoke and soot from the flames will still spread and cause etching and tarnishing to the remaining surfaces.

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A kitchen before residential fire damage restoration in Peoria, AZServiceMaster All Care Restoration - Peoria's Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration - Peoria is available in the Peoria, AZ area to provide fire damage restoration services for homes and buildings.

Our professionals are available 24/7 to respond, conduct emergency pre-cleaning, stabilize the building structure, and create a detailed restoration plan to guarantee an efficient and effective process. We can also provide content cleaning and pack out services for heavily damaged items and furniture.

What Items are Affected During a Fire?

Fires can quickly spread throughout the property as soon as they start, burning synthetic and building materials while spreading permanent structural damage. While these items are burned, thick smoke is produced from the flames that can also compromise any surface affected.

As these corrosive byproducts move throughout the walls and floors of the property, it will take more time and money to have these materials and items restored. This is why a professional restoration service must be called right away.

Smoke odors are another big issue after fire damage. The particles from the smoke will become embedded within the walls and other porous materials. This is why it’s difficult to remove these potent odors. Only professional equipment will be able to pull out and eliminate them from the property structure.

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Common Causes Of Residential Fires

House fires are a serious risk to the safety of your family and home so it is important to be aware of the causes of residential fires. Some of the most common causes of house fires include:

  • Improperly stored or used flammable materials such as candles
  • Smoking indoors
  • Electrical hazards such as faulty wiring
  • Heating appliances
  • Unattended cooking

Taking proactive steps toward fire prevention is key to avoiding fire damage in your home. Make sure to never leave your cooking unattended, check your electrical systems for faulty wiring, and empty the filters to your dryers and heating systems. These simple precautions can help reduce the chances of an unexpected fire breaking out in your home.

If your home has suffered from fire and smoke damage, our restoration team can help!Contact us online or call(623) 235-8102 today.

Peoria Fire Restoration Experts

Don’t hesitate to contact our fire restoration team right away after the flames are extinguished. If not, the smoke and soot from the flames will continue to spread, which will only cost more time and money during the restoration project.

As soon as you call us, we will be on our way to quickly stabilize the home or building, clean all items facing permanent damage, and remove any charred building materials. We will also use hydroxyl and ozone equipment to remove any lingering smoke odors.

Our fire restoration services include each of the following:

  • 24/7 availability and emergency response
  • Property stabilization
  • Emergency pre-cleaning of all at-risk items and surfaces
  • Deep cleaning of walls, floors, furnishings, ceilings, and personal items
  • Smoke odor removal

Looking for reliable fire and smoke damage restoration services in Peoria? Reach out to our specialistsonline or call us at(623) 235-8102!

residential kitchen needing fire and smoke damage restoration services in Peoria

Smoke and Soot Damage

It’s certainly not uncommon for smoke and soot byproducts to cause more damage than the flames themselves. Just as any materials and items will become etched and tarnished by these byproducts, it’s crucial to have them cleaned right away.

Our professionals at ServiceMaster All Care Restoration - Peoria are trained and experienced in restoring building materials and items to their original condition, including marble, porcelain, carpeting, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and upholstery.

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