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Headquartered in Memphis, TN, ServiceMaster By Cornerstone is your trusted fire damage restoration experts to get your life back on track.

Are you a business owner dealing with fire damage in the Memphis area? ServiceMaster by Cornerstone can help. We provide comprehensive fire and smoke restoration services for local businesses, including removing soot and odors, cleaning walls, ceilings and other surfaces to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. Our team of certified professionals has experience with all types of fires, big or small – you can trust us to get your business back up and running quickly!

Trust ServiceMaster by Cornerstone for fast response times and reliable restoration services to keep costs low while achieving quality results. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our professional technicians are working round the clock to return your commercial space back to normal as soon as possible.

Don’t wait any longer - contact ServiceMaster by Cornerstone now for expert fire damage restoration by calling (901) 459-3675.

Fire Damage Isn’t Limited To The Structure Itself.

Disasters cause emotional distress, making it difficult to focus on what truly matters during a crisis. Our team at ServiceMaster by Cornerstone wants to alleviate stress by guiding you through the fire damage restoration process, whether commercial or residential damage has occurred. From working one-on-one with your insurer, supplying temporary storage, and removal and cleanup of smoke damage, soot damage and debris, our certified fire damage repair technicians are able to restore even the most delicate belongings.

What is Commercial Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration is a vital service that commercial establishments need due to the potential serious consequences if not addressed quickly. Professional fire damage restoration companies like ServiceMaster by Cornerstone possess the expertise, knowledge and experience necessary to salvage commercial property from soot, smoke and fire damages left in the wake of a fire. Our experts in Memphis are equipped with appropriate techniques, chemicals and tools required for complete deodorization, cleaning and repairs of any type of water or fire damage suffered by the property. With our help, your establishment can be fully restored swiftly and safely so that you can resume normal operations sooner rather than later.

Fire Damage Restoration Services


  • 24/7 Emergency Response

We understand that disasters don't keep regular hours. That's why we offer around-the-clock assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's the middle of the night or a weekend, our team is here to consult, assess fire damage, and help you secure temporary shelter. We go the extra mile to preserve the contents of your home or business and ensure your continuity. This includes temporary board-up, emergency water removal/extraction, and providing temporary power and heating solutions.

  • Emergency Tarping & Board-Up

Our team is well-versed in roof repairs and stabilizing structures post-disaster. We take swift action to safeguard your business or home from further damage by expertly tarping and boarding up exposed areas, protecting your property from the elements.

  • Emergency Storage & Pack-Out

After a fire, we offer secure temporary storage to protect your belongings. This ensures that your possessions remain dry and safe while your residence or business is undergoing the rebuilding process.

  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

We understand the sentimental and practical value of clothing, bedding, window treatments, drapes, upholstery, accessories, and other textiles. Our laundry and dry cleaning service is designed to restore these items to their original condition safely and effectively.

  • Soot, Smoke, & Odor Removal

Post-fire, we go the extra mile to sanitize and deodorize areas and items affected by soot and smoke. This includes walls, carpets, fabrics, drapery, upholstery, furniture, and other contents in your home or business. Our professional carpet cleaning services aim to refresh and rejuvenate your space, eliminating offensive odors and stains.

In times of crisis, rely on our comprehensive fire damage restoration services to help you recover and rebuild, providing peace of mind during challenging moments.

Contact us online or call (901) 459-3675 for commercial fire damage restoration in Memphis, TN.