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Clothing and Textile Restoration in Idaho Falls

We’re dedicated to helping people in our community recover from fires and floods that ravage their homes, businesses and belongings. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration employs experienced textile restoration specialists throughout Idaho Falls, Ammon, and beyond, that can perform restoration laundry services for all types of losses. Whether it’s a disaster or an accident, we can restore your garments and other fabric items damaged by fire, smoke, water or exposure to mold or other contaminants.

We understand that special fabrics, drapery or upholstery hold sentimental or comfort value and we’re committed to helping you return it to as close to its original condition as possible. Soot stains, water stains or mildew odor are no match for our state-of-the-art techniques and cleaning processes. We’re successful in removing smoke and other odors from the fabric so you can enjoy your belongings again. When you hire ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration for your Idaho Falls textile and clothing cleaning job you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are well taken care of by trained professionals.

We’re equipped to clean almost all fabric items including:

  • Clothing
  • Beaded or sequined clothing
  • Wedding attire
  • Bedding, quilts and tapestries
  • Pillows or throw pillows
  • Mattress covers
  • Linens
  • Towels
  • Fur, suede and leather
  • Belts and hats
  • Shoes, purses and luggage items

Call today to ask us about our specialized clothing and textile cleaning services throuhgout Idaho Falls and salvage your prize possessions after disaster. Depending on the item, it can be more cost effective to clean it instead of replace it. Save your money and your memories with fabric restoration by ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration.

Get in touch by calling our Idaho Falls clothing restoration team at (208) 400-5723!