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Emergency Board Up and Tarping Services in Idaho Falls

We’ve Got You Covered in Ammon & the Surrounding Areas

When you call us after experiencing severe fire or water damage, we act fast. Our Idaho Falls business is designed around helping those in urgent, emergency situations. We know that to truly help people, we have to send a rapid response team to get started on the restoration process immediately in order to minimize damages. Before customizing a restoration plan for your situation, we’ll cover and protect any areas of the property exposed to the elements. This may include boarding up doors and windows or tarping foundation cracks and roofing. We’ll arrive on site prepared with the proper supplies needed to protect your property so you don’t take on any extra damage during the aftermath.

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From Prompt Response to Proper Restoration in Idaho Falls

We won’t let the damages you’ve already incurred develop into a bigger, and potentially more expensive, problem. From fires to leaks, we focus on protecting you first and then correcting the restoration problem quickly and efficiently. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration always offer prompt action and proper restoration when it comes to disaster in southeastern Idaho and northern Utah.

Get in touch with our tarping and board up professionals in Idaho Falls at(208) 400-5723.