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Fire Damage Restoration in Pocatello, ID

Home or Business Recovery from Fire & Smoke Damage

Dealing with damage from fire and smoke is never easy, and seeing your property and belongings consumed by fire is a devastating loss. Nevertheless, ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration - Pocatello is here to help you recover and see the light at the end of the tunnel. We offer expert guidance and clear communication when it comes to helping your property clean up from fire and smoke damage and restores its pre-loss conditions.

What Causes a Fire in The Home?

While one fire is not less dangerous than the others and vice versa, all fires deliver different types of damage which require different responses.

We help homeowners recover from:

  • Cooking Fires – Usually, a cooking fire is caused by a build-up of grease from uncleaned kitchens and ovens or unattended cooking with oil that bursts into flames. At the first sign of smoke in the kitchen, be sure to turn off the power immediately and remove the source.
  • Natural Fires – If you’ve dealt with any fire around your home, either in your front yard or a nearby wildfire, the smoke from trees, shrubs, and bushes can penetrate the structure of your home and leave smoke residue and terrible odors.
  • Electrical Fire – Electrical malfunctions lead to hundreds of residential fires everywhere. Electrical fires are usually caused by faulty outlets but can also be caused by outdated, damaged, or worn appliances. It’s important never to use an appliance with a frayed cord.

All of these fires will not only destroy your possessions and deal quite a bit of cosmetic damage, but the smoke and fire can also wreak havoc on your home’s roof, walls, and more. Whenever water is used to put out the fire, it’s essential to complete the proper water recovery services to eliminate the possibility of mold growth after reconstruction.

What Do I Do if My Home Has Fire or Smoke Damage?

Fire and smoke can be hazardous to you and your home’s health and safety, so you must call 911 at the first sign of a fire. Once the fire is out and the damage is mitigated, our team will arrive as soon as we can. We’ll assess the damage, remove damaged materials and belongings, and get to work on delivering a restoration service that brings your building to its pre-loss condition.

Regardless of the type of fire you’ve experienced or the damage that has been dealt to your space, be sure to turn to your trusted Pocatello restoration company today! Call us at (208) 400-5696 to request your service 24/7!