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Fire & Smoke Restoration in Mount Sterling

When you experience a fire, you need help – fast. Once the fire department has done its job and put out the fire, the next step is to call us. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration provides fire damage restoration services in Quincy, IL and the surrounding areas.

Our fire and smoke damage restoration experts in Mount Sterling are professional, knowledgeable and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’re open and ready to take your call 24/7 because when it comes to fire and smoke damage, timing is everything; within minutes, the leftover soot from the fire is already destroying your personal belongings.

Properties of Smoke and the Residual Soot

Soot is corrosive by nature, which means it will slowly deteriorate objects and surfaces on over time, including your walls, carpets, furniture, appliances, drapes, and electronics. It’s composed of a variety of microscopic materials – essentially components of everything that burned in the fire. Because these materials have burned and compounded into soot, they can be ingested into the respiratory system.

Smoke damage is toxic and very harmful to your health. Never attempt to clean up smoke or soot damage by yourself; it is always best to call a professional. The oils on your fingertips can also compound the soot and worsen the probelm, causing more damage. It is necessary to use the proper equipment and methods for cleaning smoke damage to ensure your personal property and belongings can be returned to pre-loss condition.

Fire Restoration in Quincy, IL

We’re local Quincy, Illinois residents, so we can get to your commercial or residential property quickly and begin the restoration process. The longer you let soot and smoke residue sit on your property, the more damage it will cause. If the fire department also had to use a considerable amount of water when putting out the fire, you might have a water damage problem on your hands as well.

But water damage restoration is also ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration’s specialty! Water damage also worsens with time. So either way, you’re going to want to pick up that phone shortly after the fire department leaves and get us on the scene right away.

Mold Growth After Fire Damage

Yes, a house fire can lead to mold growth if the conditions are right. After a house fire, moisture from water used to extinguish the flames and high humidity levels can contribute to mold growth.

If debris and other materials from the fire remain in the area, they can provide a food source for the mold to grow.

Finally, if a warm environment is created with the proper temperature range of 68-86 degrees Fahrenheit, then these three elements will be present and could potentially lead to mold growth.

Contact Us

When your property – whether it’s your home or your business – has a fire, it can be devastating. We want to help. Not only are our emergency technicians on call at all hours, we will provide you with continuous updates on the fire damage restoration process. When we pack out your belongings to restore at our own restoration facility, you can rest assured you will be provided with an inventory and updates on the status of your items.

You can count on us to restore your items, property and peace of mind. Call us today at (217) 262-9044, or fill out a contact form.