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Mold Remediation in North Brunswick

At ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services, we’re your local resource for dedicated mold remediation services. We go beyond simply restoring possessions to safely destroy toxic mold at its source and prevent it from continuing to wreak havoc on your property and health. Carrying the name of a renowned nationwide brand that homeowners have trusted for decades, our team is proud to deliver that same expertise to our North Brunswick community.

Whether from a recent flood or plumbing leaks, mold can quickly spread and cause severe damages along the way. Not only can it destroy the things it grows on, but mold can also create health issues with side effects such as headaches, skin irritation, difficulty breathing, and/or allergic reactions. It’s important to have a team you can trust by your side to ensure that the hazardous mold is fully eliminated.

give our team a call any time at (732) 355-3406 for professional guidance on mold removal!

What Does Mold Need in Order to Grow?

Is your home or office unintentionally creating an environment for potentially hazardous mold growth? Here are the four components mold must have to grow:

  • Warm Temperatures – Mold grows in temperatures above 60-degrees Fahrenheit – its ideal environment is between 77- and 86-degrees Fahrenheit, especially if the area is humid.
  • Moisture – Since mold needs water to grow, moisture is one of the most important components to be on the lookout for. This may come from pipe leaks, broken water heaters, roof leaks, and several other water emergencies that should not be ignored. Even the smallest undetected leak can create the ideal environment for mold.
  • Oxygen – Another key condition for the fungus to thrive in is a space with access to oxygen. Of course, we can’t remove the oxygen, but we can ensure that your home is properly sealed to block growth from hidden areas such as behind walls or nooks in your attic.
  • Food – Mold has an insatiable appetite, and can digest nearly any organic matter, such as wood, drywall, and many foods in your refrigerator. Are you noticing a spot of discoloration on the ceiling? That is a solid indication that mold has begun snacking on your ceiling drywall or wooden trusses.

Without all these conditions in place for mold, it won’t grow or spread, but the spores will remain in a dormant state. This means they’ll wait for the conditions that suit them before growing.

call ServiceMaster for prompt mold remediation in North Brunswick today at (732) 355-3406 or contact us online.