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Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup in Colorado Springs

Whether you own private property or manage a public site, your premises may be at risk of witnessing an unfortunate crime or trauma scene. While there are greater calamities that may befall a specific property, crime scene residue is certainly unpleasant to deal with.

Apart from putting you through the stress of managing the aftermath of the incident, such scenarios also require you to take proper cleanup measures once the officials have completed their investigation and collected all evidence from the scene.

It can be an in-depth process and can serve as a significant nuisance to your daily operations. Most businesses and individuals prefer to call in professionals to deal with the crime scene aftermath. They realize that they would rather have professionals with experience and the proper knowledge to take care of the situation efficiently.

To help you through these daunting scenarios, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs delivers efficient and effective solutions for crime scene cleanup in Colorado Springs.

But why do they turn to us in their time of need? What helps us distinguish ourselves from other service providers? For one, we are heavily specialized.

How specialized, you ask?

Understanding the seriousness of biohazards and subsequent problems that arise through trauma scenes, each member in our bio-recovery team goes through extensive in house training, based on over 40 years of experience.

We don’t stop at our training and knowledge but go further by using the right equipment to manage the situation well.

With proper personal protective equipment (PPE), first hand experience, and attention to safety measures, our highly qualified team can ensure to provide you with the holistic cleanup solutions you require.

Due to the health and safety risks involved with crime scenes, we make sure to respond to all calls regarding the service on an urgent basis. This ensures that you waste no time in cleaning up your site after the officials complete proper investigations. That means that you can go back to conducting business as usual even after the unwanted event took place.

It lets you move on and get right back to business.

Trauma and Biohazard Clean Up Services

Trauma and biohazard cleanup services play a critical role in risk mitigation for private and public properties alike. Since these scenes are often ridden with toxic chemicals and bloodborne pathogens (BBP), they require the utmost level of care and expertise during cleanup to be deemed safe for general use again.

This means that a regular cleanup service is not equipped to eradicate these substances from the trauma or biohazard site. Only professionals with specialized training, a targeted skill set, and hands-on experience can handle the removal of these elements safely.

Along with extensive knowledge regarding trauma, biohazard, and crime scene cleanup services, these experts also have necessary equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants to carry out these complex tasks. This ensures that you are getting the pertinent site cleaned up with a strict adherence to safety measures, which assures you to use your property without fearing for health and safety hazards.

Company Name Pays Attention to All Critical Details

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, our trauma and biohazard cleanup services pay attention to all of these requirements during crime scene cleanup in Colorado Springs. Our experts comply with all provided guidelines provided by relevant institutions and also follow a detailed standard operating process (SOP) while handling this intricate task. This ensures that we never miss any care, safety, or cleanup measure for any site we work on.

We Comply with Regulated Waste Disposal Guidelines

In addition to taking care of cleanup as well as personal safety measures, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs experts also pay optimal attention to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for safe disposal of potentially infectious materials and regulated waste. This further ensures that your decision to turn to our experts does not result in the indirect violation of any critical policies.

We Care for the Personal Safety of Our Team

From knowing the risks of diseases spread through BBP to being aware of the possible harm from toxic chemicals, our experts are aware of all potential hazards of this job. This is why all of our qualified team members also keep their safety in mind while working on crime, trauma, and biohazard scenes.

Using the required PPE and complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines are compulsory practices during each of our cleanup jobs. This makes sure that our professionals take all required measures to protect themselves while also keeping you safe from any liability.

Our Services Are Readily Available 24/7

Keeping the sensitive nature of crime, trauma, and biohazard scenes in mind, we make sure to immediately answer all service calls and handle them as the utmost priority. This ensures that our experts are available to visit your site right after receiving your request, regardless of the time of day. This level of reliability is one of the reasons why we have become a primary provider for crime scene cleanup in Colorado Springs.