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Warm days and cool nights will soon give way to the coldest time of year in Germantown, TN. Before this happens, make sure your home is prepared. A few hours of inspecting and patching now can save you from experiencing water damage later in the season.

Look Over Roof:

Start by inspecting your roof. Pull out your ladder and make sure there aren’t any missing shingles or other damage. Repairing roof damage is key to prevent leaks during the next rainstorm.

Clean Gutters & Turn Downspouts Away from House:

While you have your ladder out, grab a pair of gloves and remove leaves and twigs from your gutter system. Clogs in your gutter can lead to water overflow which means it’s only a matter of time until rainwater finds a way into your home.

Winterize Windows & Doors:

Ensure your windows and doors shut properly without any gaps. If you find areas that need to be filled in, use foam or rubber weather stripping. This step is most helpful in keeping out cold drafts and moisture that can lead to mold.

Patch Cracks:

Patch any damage you find on your exterior walls. Not only will this save on your heating bill, it’ll keep your pipes warm and protected from the harsh winter weather.

Insulate Pipes:

All pipes are at risk for freezing. Whether in your basement or a heated area of your home, ensure that your pipes are protected from particularly frosty nights. Foam covers, or heat tape are common ways to insulate pipes.

Sweep Chimney:

Winter is the perfect time to curl up by the fire. Make sure your chimney is winter ready by scheduling a professional sweep. Flammable creosote builds up in your chimney every time you burn. Avoid a life-threatening chimney fire by maintaining a safe fireplace.

Clear Clutter:

Items like clothes, blankets and furniture can cause a serious safety hazard if placed next to your heat source. Leave a clear space around heaters at all times.

Insulate Attic & Basement:

Insulate areas of your home that are unheated like the attic and basement. Also make sure these low traffic areas are sealed off from critters trying to escape the low temperatures.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

It’s important to maintain your detectors all year long, especially during the colder months. Your heater is blaring, windows are shut, and you’ll probably cook more than you have all summer long. These conditions are a recipe for disaster. Change the batteries to keep your family safe.

Cover Outdoor Furniture:

Keep your outdoor furniture looking new for years to come and invest in furniture covers. In addition to protecting your outdoor furniture from rain and wind, covers will also help prevent fading during the summer.

We hope these maintenance tips keep your home dry and warm this winter. If you find any water damage while doing your winter check, ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services in Germantown, TN can help. Contact us day or night at 901-854-6225 to request emergency restoration services.

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