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Man with a notebook smiling at a womenSewage or flood contaminated water in a structure is hazardous and risky. ServiceMaster of Prescott has the tools to make sure that when your business is contaminated by sewage waste, you, your employees and customers’ health will be safe. ServiceMaster of Prescott wants your business, which is why we have worked for over 50 years to come up with prices that work for you.

This type of cleanup contains pathogenic agents that create an unhealthy environment. ServiceMaster of Prescott provides highly trained and IICRC certified technicians in Prescott Valley that can rapidly control or stop the growth of microorganisms present in sewage water, bringing the loss to a quick and efficient conclusion.

Since there are many factors that determine the severity of contamination within any given sewage loss, to effectively minimize damage the following steps are taken:

Thorough inspection of the structure to determine which type of materials are affected and how deeply contaminants have penetrated into structural materials.Man taking a hose out of a truck

Prevent Further Spreading
Implement appropriate procedures to prevent further spreading of contaminants such as isolating affected areas.

Establish Drying Strategy
Take psychometric measurements to establish drying strategy to be followed.

Dispose of Affected Contents
Disposal of non-salvageable porous and semi-porous affected contents.

Clean and Sanitize
Clean and sanitize all the affected surfaces and salvageable contents.

Do you have sewage contamination, not to worry! At ServiceMaster of Prescott, we have IICRC certified technicians to help with your sewage inspection and sewage cleanup.