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Odor Damage Restoration in Prescott Valley

Your Recovery Process Shouldn’t Stink

No matter what happened, having professionals to guide you through the restoration process and provide knowledge-based advice can make all the difference in getting things back to normal as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

At ServiceMaster of Prescott, our licensed, insured, and highly trained restoration specialists understand the intricacies of each situation and how to create a custom plan of action that’s most efficient.

Some of our proven techniques for advanced deodorization include:

  • Air Scrubbers. These high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters remove odor particles from the air, clearing it for safe breathing.
  • Thermal Fog. These tools neutralize odor with a strong deodorizer that penetrates anywhere odor particles travel.
  • Ozone. Using a portable ozone generator, this oxidizing agent improves indoor air quality.
  • Hydroxyl Generators. These use hydroxyl radicals to dismantle the molecular structure of odors.

With support from a nationally recognized brand network, we’re local for fast and reliable services in Prescott.

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What Causes Odor Damage?

In a situation where your home requires treatment for odor damage, you might think of the smoke in the aftermath of a fire being the cause. While this is a common cause, it’s not the only one, and there are different processes used depending on the situation.

Some of the reasons for odor damage that our team handles include:

Fire & Smoke

Smoke and ash linger long after the flames have been extinguished, seeping into drywall, wood, and textiles. These leftovers can lead to stains, residue, and permeating odors that are difficult to remove, and will return if not carefully eliminated and sealed out.

Water & Mold

Whether from pipes, appliances, or natural disasters that lead to water damage in your home, the aftereffects might include mold growth if the water wasn’t fully removed. This will result in a consistent mildew smell that can worsen as the infestation continues without treatment.

Sewage Backups

We don’t really need to explain how this one might be smelly. And that bacteria-ridden wastewater needs to be cleaned up, sanitized, and deodorized ASAP for the safety of every building occupant.

Hoarding & Trauma Situations

Depending on the severity of the situation, hoarding cases and crime scenes can result in penetrating odors that our team is equipped to handle with respect and tact.

Skunk Spray

The eye-watering scent of a skunk is brought into homes in two main ways–through a skunk entering your home and marking, and through a pet getting sprayed and rubbing the smell into your upholstery, carpet, bed, or other belongings. It’s not uncommon for them to build homes under houses’ foundations.

If the smell is faint, there is a chance the smell is coming from outside, because this is a very strong odor that is carried easily through the wind. In fact, it can travel up to a mile and a half away. On the other hand, a very pungent smell that you can’t get away from indicates the problem lies indoors.

We can handle even the most challenging skunk smell removal.

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