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How a Golf Ball Comes Full Circle

It’s a beautiful thing when a person can take the things they are passionate about and help others with them.

Lyndon Rains loved the game of golf for a number of reasons – the self-discipline it inspires, the focus it requires, and the chivalry and integrity it champions. He also believed in the principles of scholarship, athleticism, physical vigor, sportsmanship, commerce, and entrepreneurship. In lieu of flowers at his memorial service, the Rains family requested contributions toward a scholarship fund. Out of the flow of generosity that resulted, the Rains Foundation was formed in 2004 in honor of the principles Lyndon believed in and the game he loved so much. After this year’s round of scholarship awards, the foundation will have given away over $100,000 in scholarship money alone.

This year marks the fifth annual Lyndon Rains Memorial Golf Tournament, taking place on July 21st on the Deer Creek Golf Course in Crossville. We are excited to be a part of this for the first time – Tony and Chris will be working their golf skills with the tournament early birds in the first wave of players. Proceeds from the tournament go towards funding scholarships for local students. In conjunction with the tournament, the agency also organizes free golf clinics for kids ages six to seventeen.

I was able to have a great conversation with the tournament director, Mark Norman, about his favorite parts of the tournament. His answer was a pleasant surprise as he stated,

“Well, the tournament is always fun, especially because I get to visit with people I haven’t seen all year. But my favorite part doesn’t even take place at the tournament itself. It takes place at the golf clinic for the kids. When I see a kid with a big smile having fun, that’s what really matters. It’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

And something even more awesome? A scholarship recipient from a previous year will be graduating this year and joining the Progressive Bank/Rains Agency team in Jamestown as an employee.

How’s that for full circle beautiful?