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ServiceMaster Restoration Services adopts new technology to improve mold remediation and odor removal processes

ServiceMaster Restore has been leading the restoration industry for over 65 years in developing new technology and best practices. Their ongoing research and development have improved the quality and techniques that are used industry-wide. ServiceMaster Restoration Services, an independently owned local franchise of ServiceMaster Restore, serving New Haven County, has recently adopted a new technology to assist in the remediation of mold and the odor removal process.

This new electrostatic sprayer system, developed by ByoPlanet®, works differently than traditional trigger systems. “With electrostatics, the fully-charged droplets hit the surface and create an even spread – like a magnet. That “magnetic” effect causes the evenly distributed solution to wrap around objects and cling to surfaces that are normally missed, which increases efficiency and drastically reduces human error”, according to

The benefits of this electrostatic sprayer system, according to ByoPlanet®, are that it’s up to 75% faster compared to a trigger sprayer, it covers up to 18,000 ft per hour, it reduces cost by using 65% less solution, it has 385% higher coverage efficacy than spray and wipe, and it uses an air compressor for a quiet and powerful liquid flow.

While electrostatic spraying emerged as a disinfectant process during the pandemic, ServiceMaster Restoration Services is proud to be one of the early adopters of this new mold and odor treatment system and is looking forward to the innovation that it brings to the restoration process. To find out more about ByoPlanet®, visit