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6 Signs of Water Damage in Walls of Your Home

We know that homeowners love taking care of their property and spending weekends completing projects around the home, but when it comes to potential water damage inside a property, it’s hard to see the warning signs that something is wrong. Whether this is your first home or your 10th, let us show you how to spot water damage before it’s too late.

1. Stains and Dark Spots

The most common side effect of water damage within a wall is when a homeowner notices a stain. Time and time again, we consult with clients who claim that a water spot “sprung up overnight.” If you fall into this category, consider checking your home’s walls for faint stains and discolorations regularly.

2. Funky Smell

If there’s one thing that turns our homes from a friendly and inviting domain into a repulsive and foul space, it’s stale water sitting inside a wall. Have you ever walked into a room only to be smacked in the face by an emission that smelled like a wet dog wearing year-old socks from your gym bag? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll find unwanted water leaks behind your home’s walls.

3. What’s That Sound?

In our opinion, there’s nothing worse than climbing into bed after a long day, only to hear a distant trickling sound. Although it’s not raining outside, you can’t help but notice the delicate movement of water. Don’t worry: you’re not losing your mind! When water leaks from pipes into your walls, the damage is often accompanied by the gentle sloshing of drips moving down the wall’s interior.

4. Astronomical Bills

A common complaint we hear from clients is when they go to their mailbox, pull out their water bill and notice something odd: it’s comparable to their car payment! If this sounds like you, and you’re unsure where all your usage is coming from, you’re not alone. When water damage accumulates within a home’s walls, our first inclination is a bill that causes our hair to gray and our wallets to lighten.

5. Frosted Flakes

Cracked wall

Unlike the delicious breakfast cereal, small flakes dropping off our home’s walls is something to take seriously. This process occurs when water trapped in the construction materials of our home settles and loosens the paint from the surface of a wall. Although flaking is most common, we may also notice cracking, bubbling, and unevenness.

6. Unwanted Showers

Water is a beautiful, naturally-occurring compound that creates life and stabilizes our earth, but when it leaks into our homes and gives us a free shower, it’s a cause for concern! All joking aside, the most aggressive sign that we need to consider contacting a professional about our home’s water damage is when mother nature makes her way into our homes. If it’s raining and you’re seeing puddles collect around your property’s interior, give us a call!

Why Us?

We know how detrimental water damage can be for a homeowner’s livelihood. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent who wants to keep their family safe or someone who rents multiple properties to paying tenants, having a property that’s in tip-top shape is essential. When it comes to water damage, don’t hesitate. ServiceMaster Restore provides a myriad of solutions to clients dealing with water damage and other unwanted variables that plague their properties.