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Introducing The Industry’s Only Carrier Satisfaction-Focused Restoration Process

Author: ServiceMaster Restore

ServiceMaster Restore provides something very important to insurance carriers, and it’s something no other disaster restoration company can match. It’s genuine partnership. What does that mean? For homeowners the measure of an insurance provider is how well they handle a claim once the homeowner experiences a loss. When a policyholder makes that first call to their insurance carrier, the evaluation begins. The homeowner’s satisfaction – as well as their future loyalty to their insurance carrier - depends on how efficiently and successfully the claim is resolved. That’s why the restoration company you recommend, is so critical.

When disaster strikes, it hits close to home. Our nationwide company has locally owned franchises that employ team members who live in the very communities we serve. ServiceMaster Restore is committed to helping our communities rebuild after a disaster, helping businesses get back to work, and helping our neighbors restore their homes to pre-loss conditions. Whether dealing with a burst pipe that impacts one home or a natural disaster that impacts the entire community, we’re ready 24/7/365 to restore both property and peace of mind. As the industry’s go-to advisor, with over 65 years of experience, our expert staff has the proven guidance and expertise to assist in a wide range of disaster restoration scenarios. We’ve even established standards that are now accepted and expected across the industry. From destructive hurricanes to raging wildfires, the professionals at ServiceMaster Restore have the knowledge, processes, and equipment necessary to handle any catastrophe.

In the property insurance industry, the word catastrophe denotes a natural or man-made disaster that is unusually severe. An event is designated a catastrophe by the insurance industry once claims are expected to reach a certain dollar threshold, currently set at $25 million or more. In the United States, from 1997 to 2016, events involving tornadoes, including other wind, hail and flood losses associated with tornadoes made up almost 40% of total catastrophe insured losses, adjusted for inflation. Hurricanes and tropical storms were the second largest cause of catastrophe losses, accounting for over 38% of losses. In 2021, the U.S. experienced 20 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters, putting 2021 in second place for the most disasters in a calendar year, behind the record 22 separate billion-dollar events in 2020. Today, amid increasingly devastating consequences and rapidly climbing costs of climate-related perils, insurers are expected to play a larger role in helping society mitigate the effects of climate change, and ServiceMaster Restore is ready to be a partner in navigating this future. We’re living in a time of great change, especially in society and business. The insurance industry is no different, and the restoration industry is already discovering that one way to get ahead of this is to shift our focus to your policyholder’s satisfaction. With the demand for risk protection already high, and increasing, the insurance industry must be ready to serve the market. To do that successfully, it’s essential to understand what customers want – and how to deliver that efficiently. Customers want simplicity, 24/7 availability and quick delivery. They also demand clarity about pricing, value and services designed for the digital age, no matter what they’re shopping for. When insurance is easier to access, customers are more likely to see it as a valuable and important facet of their lives. Even more so, when they hear from trusted sources, and friends that a specific company has delivered an impeccable performance.

Throughout the business world customer acquisition costs are a common problem. On average, businesses spend five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer. However, for insurers, customer acquisition is even pricier. “The insurance industry has the highest customer acquisition costs of any industry. It costs seven to nine times more for an insurance agency to attract a new customer than to retain one,” says Lynn Thomas, president of 21st Century Management Consulting. Customer retention has a profound effect on the bottom line. Cultivating relationships with existing customers builds trust and increases the chance of appealing to new customers through referrals — by far one of the least expensive methods of customer acquisition. Referrals, or word of mouth, account for 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions. 50% to 80% of word-of-mouth marketing is based on a consumer's personal experiences. Loyal customers are far more likely to speak highly of their insurance company when services exceed their expectations, in short, the happier a customer is with a company, the more likely they are to recommend that company.

ServiceMaster Restore is the bridge between policyholders and insurance providers. We share the same customer during the restoration process, so we also have a significant stake in their satisfaction. Their satisfaction helps ensure customer retention, and that often leads to customer referrals. ServiceMaster Restore should be your preferred provider for several important reasons. Policyholders report higher satisfaction when the insurer recommends a restoration company. ServiceMaster Restore has the highest customer satisfaction rating among all major restoration companies and high customer satisfaction is proven to result in greater customer retention. At ServiceMaster Restore, our number one priority is that our customers are always satisfied with all the services we provide, from the very first phone call until their property is restored to its pre-damaged state. We are always committed to customer satisfaction. When you refer your customers to us, they receive quick Disaster Restoration responses in their time of need. We’ll arrive at their location to help mitigate loss and begin the restoration process as fast as possible. Our quick response helps reduce the severity of the claim and provides your customers with fast, professional service. No matter the issue, we provide industry-leading claims management to make the process as smooth as possible for both the policyholder and the insurance carrier. After a disaster strikes a business, a speedy response can make all the difference between quickly getting back up and running again and experiencing costly, extensive downtime. The experts at ServiceMaster Restore are here for your policyholders 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to all urgent restoration and repair needs. Our team will work diligently to provide your policyholders with the reliable services they need to minimize downtime and get back in business.

Win over your policyholders and demonstrate your value by recommending a leader in the restoration industry. Our restoration experts understand that suffering a loss may be a first for your policyholders. That’s why we guide your client throughout the process and keep them – and you – informed every step of the way with advanced real-time technology.

SMR’s preferred partner program is built on the same five pillars that drive customer satisfaction. From the first notification of loss, all the way until the final settlement, we take care of your policyholders. Our use of technology, restoration experience, and commitment to homeowner service, and support are the best in the industry. Satisfied customers are loyal, and they recommend you to their friends, that’s essential for long term business success for both your company, and ours. ServiceMaster is the only Restoration Company built around your Customer Satisfaction Index. We’re excited to introduce you to our Preferred Partners Program.

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