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Commercial Content Cleaning & Restoration Services

Fire and smoke can seriously harm business contents such as furniture, artwork and electronics, requiring professional cleaning and restoration. With the specialized experts at ServiceMaster Restore, your valuable business possessions are in the hands of people who provide the care, understanding and integrity customers deserve. We’ll evaluate your contents to determine the most beneficial methods of cleaning and restoration and identify items that are non-restorable.

Packout services

Depending on the condition of your content, we’ll conduct cleaning onsite or at our secured, climate-controlled location. Our packout and content restoration process includes:

  • Inventory, pack & transport of your belongings to a climate-controlled warehouse
  • A printed copy of inventory items
  • Restoration, cleaning and deodorization of your items
  • Tracking & documentation of your content throughout the restoration process
  • Easy access to items when needed
  • Returning of items to your business

No matter the items in your location, we have the expertise to identify your specific restoration needs. Our trained technicians will clean, deodorize and restore items like:

  • Photos, furniture, artwork, fabrics
  • Electronics, data systems, specialized machinery & equipment, and more

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