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SOOT & SMOKE DAMAGE Restoration in Abilene, TX

Professional POST-FIRE CLEAN-UP Services Near You

When a fire happens, extinguishing the blaze is just the beginning of the comprehensive recovery journey. The remaining soot and smoke can persist in harming your home and possessions, often causing as much destruction as the fire itself. ServiceMaster A-Town/Hi-Tech Cleaning & Restoration - Abilene excels in cleaning and restoring soot and smoke damage. We possess the most effective restoration strategies for soot, smoke, and odor damage.

The aftermath of a fire can be dangerous and lead to health issues if not promptly handled by professionals. Our team will speedily and thoroughly assess the smoke and soot damage, determining the restoration cost. We'll also scrutinize other areas in your home to detect any damage caused by firefighting efforts. Once we've accurately assessed the damage, we'll provide you with an estimate for our cleaning and restoration services.

For reliable soot and smoke damage restoration in Abilene, call us at (325) 732-8970 or contact us online.

Dealing with Smoke Damage

Prompt action is crucial when dealing with smoke damage. Smoke can swiftly harm your home, discoloring walls within minutes and finishes on kitchen appliances within hours.

Other smoke damages include glass etching, metal tarnishing, and corrosion to other materials in your property. Hence, contacting a professional restoration company immediately after a fire is imperative.

ServiceMaster A-Town/Hi-Tech Cleaning & Restoration - Abilene is available around the clock to minimize damage to your home and start the restoration process immediately.

Our soot and smoke damage cleanup procedure includes:

  • Cleaning any built-up ash residue before it has the chance to spread
  • Neutralizing any odors
  • Removing any soot, odors, or stains from at-risk items, such as tile, porcelain, chrome, brass, aluminum, and marble
  • Cleaning carpets, fabrics, and upholstery
  • Deodorizing curtains and carpeting before they are cleaned
  • Using advanced chemicals that break apart smoke molecules to eliminate odors before dry cleaning your clothes

We understand that a fire can be devastating, and the resulting damage can range from minor to severe. ServiceMaster A-Town/Hi-Tech Cleaning & Restoration - Abilene is here to ensure that you're able to restore your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our experts have years of experience in smoke and soot damage restoration, and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service.

For more information about our smoke and soot damage restoration services in Abilene, call us at (325) 732-8970 or contact us online today.