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Odor Removal Services in Abilene, TX

Make Your House Comfortable Again with odor removal

Our team at ServiceMaster A-Town/Hi-Tech Cleaning & Restoration - Abilene can remove odor from homes and buildings using source removal, our primary method. Other methods, like thermal fogging, odor neutralizers, and gases may be used. If none of those work, our team may also use different bacteria applications.

Smell provides us with a powerful emotional connection that is more strongly linked to memory and emotion than any of our other senses. The smell of fresh bread can transport you back to your childhood, or the smell of your mother’s perfume can bring you back to sitting with her on the couch as a child. That also means that the emotional connection with our sense of smell is not limited to pleasant memories.


Odor removal services you can trust

Unpleasant smells like sewage, decaying tissue, and sewage can cause physical illness, headaches, and stress. Charcoal filters are typically not effective enough. Our experts can remove the airborne odor for a variety of projects. We are proud to have access to Nanotech filters that are used in our air scrubbers to remove airborne odors.

Benefits of Professional Odor Removal Services:

  • Improvement to your overall health - Poor indoor air quality caused by lingering odors can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms as well as other respiratory issues. By removing these odors with professional treatment, you can reduce the risks for these illnesses and feel more comfortable in your home.
  • Our technicians use specialized equipment - Due to the destructive nature of, for example, floods or leaks, specialized treatment is necessary. Not only do they leave behind unpleasant smells, but also unhealthy mold spores that could cause serious illnesses if not treated properly. Our equipment can detect hidden moisture sources in order to completely eliminate any remaining odors that may be present in areas affected by water damage. This helps ensure that your home is safe and free of any potentially hazardous fumes or molds that could threaten your family’s well-being.

Let us Help You Eliminate Odors

There are numerous processes for removing odors, but many focus on merely masking them. The techs at ServiceMaster A-Town/Hi-Tech Cleaning & Restoration - Abilene have a variety of products dedicated to deactivating odor on a molecular level, thus effectively removing it, rather than just masking it. We can successfully remove the following odors:

  • Decaying protein
  • Sewage
  • Fire/smoke
  • Skunk
  • Cat urine
  • Garbage
  • Food odors
  • Fuel oil

If you have an issue with odor, we would be happy to evaluate it for you and come up with a proposal to eliminate it.

For efficient odor removal near you, reach out to our team at (325) 732-8970 or get in touch online today!