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When disaster strikes, you need expert help, fast! Weather disasters can leave your home exposed to the elements, causing further damage. Carpet, furniture, and precious family keepsakes can be ruined in a flash; urgent action is crucial! With one phone call, ServiceMaster Advantage arrives on the scene, beginning damage control immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Advantage, located in Lafayette and Kokomo, IN and Stanwood, MI, respond swiftly with expert service you can trust. We’ll restore your home and your life, returning all damage to normal quickly. We’ll communicate with you throughout the restoration process, and you’ll feel better knowing the job was done right.

ServiceMaster Advantage halts additional devastation and stabilizes the structure for safety. We’ll make temporary repairs, assess the destruction, and work with you and your insurance company to achieve total restoration. ServiceMaster Advantage turns overwhelmed into overjoyed!


When “gustadoes”, high-velocity, and straight-line winds fell trees, shatter windows, and rip off roofs, it doesn’t matter what the weatherman calls it; you need help! ServiceMaster Advantage’s skilled team members take immediate action, reducing additional damage and beginning the restoration process. We’ll restore your property and your peace of mind.

Tornado Damage

Nothing in the Midwest is as destructive as a tornado. Property damage can be devastating. The experts at ServiceMaster Advantage get to work right away, preventing further damage and assessing additional requirements. We’ll work with you and your insurance agent to meet your immediate needs and ensure your complete restoration.

Storm Damage

Strong winds, severe rainfall, and even pelting hail combine as damaging forces to your property. The fast-acting team at ServiceMaster Advantage puts your mind at ease, boarding, tarping, and stabilizing damaged structures to halt further devastation. We’ll begin the drying process ASAP to prevent mildew and mold from developing.


One of the most powerful forces in nature, lightning’s damage can be extensive. Devastating fires, volatile power surges, exploding shrapnel, and disabled emergency devices (like sump pumps) all equal destruction to your property. ServiceMaster Advantage works together with your insurance company to put the pieces back together for a happy ending.


High-velocity ice balls hurtling toward your property cause heavy damage. Scattered shingles; shattered skylights; roofs bulleted with holes; and windows, doors, and siding pitted with dents all leave your property looking like a war zone. The army at ServiceMaster Advantage comes to your rescue, sizing up damage and determining your restoration plan.


Scenic waterside property can become disaster zones when flooding hits. Only immediate action prevents damaged walls, smelly mildew, and dangerous mold. The certified workers at ServiceMaster Advantage are experts in the drying process. We also search out mold and other dangers, like rotting wood or drywall, so you’ll be worry-free.

Wind Damage Restoration

Urgent needs require immediate action. Therefore, ServiceMaster Advantage’s number-one concern is structure stabilization and halting further damage. Exposed interiors are tarped or boarded up to keep out weather and looters. After damage control is accomplished, our extensively trained team will commence drying of water damage; cleanup of mud, soot, or other dirt; and minimal-need repairs. We work together with your insurance agent/adjuster for your benefit to minimize your stress so you can relax and recover. With a compilation of trusted resources for major reconstruction needs, ServiceMaster Advantage is the only name you need to remember for complete and expert restoration.

ServiceMaster Advantage should be your first call for weather damage restoration! Call today to schedule service.

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