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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire can cause extensive damage to a house. It not only destroys the structure of the building, but also any furniture or belongings inside. Fire can burn through walls and ceilings, warp floors and windows, melt electrical wiring and appliances, discolor paint on walls or furniture surfaces, create smoke stains throughout the home that require professional cleaning services to remove them properly.

In some cases fire may even cause structural collapse if it has burned for an extended period of time before being extinguished. The level of destruction caused by fire depends largely on how quickly it is put out as well as its intensity when it started burning in the first place. In this overwhelming time, turn to ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services - Berea! Our skilled team can help restore your home after a fire disaster.

Our Fire Restoration Process

The fire restoration process involves several steps to get your property back in order.

  • Assessment: First, an assessment must be done of the damage caused by the fire and smoke.

  • Fire Damage Cleanup: Second, all debris must be cleared away and removing items from the home to be either salvaged or thrown out

  • Soot & Smoke Cleanup: Third, soot and smoke stains are cleaned from items and surfaces

  • Repair & Replace: Finally, repairs can begin on any structural damage caused by heat or smoke exposure before new furnishings are brought in for replacement purposes if needed.

Why Partner with ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services - Berea?

When you partner with our Cleveland fire restoration company, you can rest assured that our professional team can restore your home back to its best pre-loss condition. Our methods are backed by a brand with 65+ years of experience in restoring homes from all types of disasters. We understand that disaster strikes at any time, which is why we’re available 24/7 to begin the restoration process.